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Dental Implants in Nuevo Progreso

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants in Nuevo Progreso

Find and choose a quality-checked dentist for dental implants in Nuevo Progreso. Book with us for guaranteed best prices, saving around 50% on the cost your dentist at home charges.

The procedure for dental implants usually requires patients to attend their dentist abroad on a number of occasions over two separate visits. It may be important, therefore, for dental implant patients to have their treatment carried out somewhere reasonably accessible, such as Nuevo Progreso, which is on the US-Mexico border.

As replacements for missing teeth, implants are probably one of the best options from both an esthetic and a comfort perspective. While dentures are perfectly acceptable, some people are just not comfortable with them, whereas an implant feels pretty close to having your own tooth.

This is because an implant is actually a replacement tooth root. It fuses with the jawbone and provides a stable and sturdy base (just like a tooth root) for a crown (or false tooth) to be screwed or cemented onto. Usually this is permanent and immovable, but implant supported dentures are also a possibility.

Why have Dental Implants in Nuevo Progreso?

Nuevo Progreso offers a convenient location for dental implant patients from the US and Canada. Due to the requirements of attending for multiple visits it may not be particularly cost-effective to travel further afield for dental implants without negating any savings on additional travel and accommodation charges.

Cross-border training has allowed dentists from all over the world to attain the same standards, wherever they are from. For most patients this is a particularly important factor when choosing a dentist, more so than the cost – as no-one wants to be left with more health problems than when they arrived.

So, you will see that we have dentists in Nuevo Progreso who are members of international professional organisations such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, in the same way as their counterparts over the border.

Dentists throughout Mexico who see foreign patients generally have very high standards and delivery care which is certainly on a par, if not better, than what you would receive at home. While there are horror stories about mistreatment the likelihood of this happening with one of our quality-checked dentists is no more risky than visiting your dentist at home.

For many patients dental implant procedures are just too expensive to have at home. Nuevo Progreso offers patients a real alternative – high quality treatment in state-of-the-art clinics at prices as much as 70% lower than what they would pay at home.

Why have Dental Implants in Nuevo Progreso?

There are two procedures for an implant – the placement of the implant, which is usually done on the first visit – and the attachment of the crown, which is usually done on the second. If you have any bone loss in your jaw then you may have to attend for a further visit.

For the first visit you will need to allow 3-4 days. The actual implant insertion is carried out in one day, but your dentist will want to check over the next few days that everything is progressing well. If it is, you will return home to wait for the implant to fuse with your bone, known as osseointegration. You will have to wait for a minimum of 3 months, and sometimes up to 12 before you can return again to your dentist to have crown fitted. You will be given a temporary ‘healing’ denture during this time, so you needn’t worry about having any gaps in your teeth.

On your next trip the dentist will take x-rays to ensure the osseointegration process has taken place satisfactorily. If so, impressions of your teeth are made and sent to the lab for the crown to be made. A few days later, when your dentist has received the crown back from the lab, you will have it fitted permanently to the implant.

At this point the dentist will need to cut your gum to expose the implant so the crown can be attached. You will need to be around for about 10 days on this second trip as once the crown has been fitted your dentist will want to check that your gum is healing nicely and that there are no signs of infection before you are allowed home.

What is the cost of Dental Implants in Nuevo Progreso compared to the United States and Canada?

In the US a titanium dental implant with abutment and standard crown is around $3,900 but starts from onlu $1,800 in Nuevo Progresso.

As a viable alternative to expensive dental implants at home Nuevo Progreso offers a real choice to patients to get high-quality care at a price they can afford.

Why book Dental Implants in Nuevo Progreso with Dental Departures?

We have a great selection of pre-screened, quality-checked dentists for dental implants in Nuevo Progreso. High resloution photos, virtual clinic tours and patient reviews means you can find out what you need to know before you go. We provide a superior customer service, free quotes and guaranteed low prices. Book with Dental Departures for the best quality treatment at the best prices.

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