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Fillings in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Philippines

Save up to an incredible 95% on the cost of dental fillings in The Philippines. Choose and book a dentist with us to ensure you go to a pre-screened, quality-checked dentist so you can be sure of a reliable experience.

Although most people tend to think of dental treatment abroad as either emergency treatment or a ‘dental holiday’ you may want to consider having dental fillings, or other general dentistry, while you are on holiday. In The Philippines, a dental filling is as little as 5% of the cost in Australia– saving easily a hundred bucks.

It might not be your idea of a relaxing holiday, but isn’t a few hours discomfort worth it for a saving of 95%? You can schedule in an appointment easily with one of our dentists in The Philippines through Dental Departures and be back enjoying your holiday in under an hour. 

Why have Dental Fillings in The Philippines? 

Obviously the cost is one of the major plus points of having your dental fillings in The Philippines. This may be of particular importance if you are thinking of replacing your amalgam fillings, either for health or esthetic reasons, as you potentially could save hundreds of dollars, almost paying for your holiday to The Philippines in the first place, or at least your flight or accommodation costs.

Booking your appointment through Dental Departures will ensure you will be seen at a reputable dental clinic by a dentist who has been quality-checked by us. This means you can be certain of your dentist’s qualifications and know-how, as all dentists in The Philippines are members of the Philippine Dental Association and registered and regulated by the Philippine Regulation Commission and their professional standards are on a par with professional bodies at home.

How long do Dental Fillings take in The Phillippines?

Dental fillings can usually be done in less than an hour, but it depends on whether it is a small or large filling. Some back teeth may need ‘indirect fillings’ which are substantially larger than, for example, front teeth.

The procedure is straightforward, involving the area around the infected tooth being numbed with a local anesthetic. After that the dentist removes the decayed areas using a drill. The ensuring cavity is thoroughly cleaned and packed with the chosen filling material. After 5 minutes or so when the filling has set, the dentist will adjust the size and shape by filing it until you are both happy with the feel and fit.

Your dentist will discuss the pros and cons of the various filling materials before treatment commences with the decision being yours to make as to what material you would like. 

What is the cost comparison of Dental Fillings in Australia and New Zealand to The Philippines?

Dental fillings can be made from a number of materials including composite, porcelain, amalgam and even gold and this will ultimately affect the price.

In Australia composite dental fillings are around AUD $150, whereas in The Philippines they are as little as AUD $7.

For savings this substantial it really is worth taking the time to have them done in The Philippines. If you are one of those people who put jobs like this off then this is the excuse you really need to get it done.

How do I book my Dental Fillings in The Philippines?

For emergency or routine appointments just call our Toll-Free number or book online. With Dental Departures you can compare prices, read reviews and view clinic photos so you can choose and book with confidence.  

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How do I book?

This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be dental advice or instructions for dental diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your dentist or a qualified dental professional before starting or changing dental treatment.

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