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Root Canal in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Philippines

A common but specialist procedure, a root canal treatment can be expensive in Australia and New Zealand, but is essential to save a tooth from extraction. However, you can save an unbelievable 90% by having your root canal in The Philippines. Let Dental Departures show you how so you can choose and book a dentist with us.

For patients who haven’t had an annual holiday it is the perfect time to schedule in their treatment as it may take up to two weeks to complete. This doesn’t mean you will be going to the dentist every day but you may have to wait for a few days between each stage of the treatment.

The Philippines is a great holiday destination and you will find plenty of things to suit your mood for the days in between your treatment. 

Why have Root Canals in The Philippines? 

Root canal treatment is a specialist area of dentistry and it is important to ensure you visit an endodontist for the procedure. Our website lists Filipino dentists who are endodontists and so you will be able to schedule your appointment with the right specialist.

You needn’t be worried that your treatment in The Philippines is going to be sub-standard in any way. Training of dentists in The Philippines is very good, with many Filipino trained medical staff working abroad in Western hospitals throughout the world, attesting to their good training.

The Philippines is also home to some outstanding healthcare facilities, which are fully-equipped with modern diagnostic and dental equipment and clinics are mindful to adopt the latest protocols in hygiene and safety standards.

While in rural areas healthcare for local people can be non-existent, in the cities and tourist destinations they very often surpass facilities you will find at home.

For patients in The Philippines for root canals there is much to see in between your dental appointments. Aside from the usual holiday ‘must haves’, there is a lot more to see here, especially for the ecotourist. As one of the world’s megadiverse hotspots you will be spoilt for choice exploring The Philippines natural environments which are among the richest in the world in terms of biodiversity. 

How long do Root Canals take in The Philippines?

A root canal can usually be completed in a couple of appointments, but they are likely to be at least 5 days apart. On your first appointment the root canal treatment will take place. This may take a couple of hours. Some large teeth have up to 3 roots and each root may have 2 canals, so essentially your dentist may have to clear up to 6 canals of debris and infection. It is quite a fiddly job too.

After the debris has been removed the tooth and root canals are thoroughly cleaned and packed with a temporary filling. This is left for a few days before the permanent filling to ensure there is no infection present.

At your second appointment if there is no sign of infection the temporary filling will be removed and your tooth filled permanently, and that is the procedure finished.

If your tooth is very large you may need a permanent restoration such as a crown. If this is the case you will need to stay on for an additional few days to wait for the lab work on your new crown.

If you have had an infection which is why you were told you need a root canal this will have to be cleared up with antibiotics at least 10 days before the treatment starts. 

What is the cost comparison of Root Canals in Australia and New Zealand to The Philippines?

Varying widely in Australia and New Zealand a root canal cost will depend on a number of factors, including size of tooth, number of canals, filling material and whether a crown is needed. That said, the average price in Australia is around AUD $1,250, as compared to AUD $200 in The Philippines. If you are looking at a root canal plus post/core and standard crown this is around AUD $800 in The Philippines, as opposed to AUD $2,100 in Australia.

Patients who are looking for a much more affordable option for their root canal problem may find the perfect solution in The Philippines.

How do I book my Root Canal in The Philippines?

Choose and book your dentist online with Dental Departures. You can also use our Toll-Free number if you prefer to have a chat with us. We guarantee the best prices, and we pre-screen our dentists for quality. You can check-out clinic photos, do virtual tours and read real patient review so you 'know before you go'. For peace of mind and the best prices book your appointment with Dental Departures.

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How do I book?

This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be dental advice or instructions for dental diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your dentist or a qualified dental professional before starting or changing dental treatment.

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