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Whitening in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Philippines

Improving your smile with a teeth whitening treatment is painless and reasonably inexpensively. Get teeth whitening in The Philippines while on holiday and treat yourself to a smile makeover. Book with Dental Departures and save up to 70%, and return home with a great new look.

Taking just a couple of hours out of your holiday will transform your stained and discolored teeth into the pearly-white color they were before tea, coffee, wine and other unmentionables left their tell-tall signs behind. 

Why have Teeth Whitening in The Philippines? 

Book an appointment through Dental Departures with one of our Filipino dentists and you will be guaranteed a great price.

However, you will also be guaranteed the best possible treatment as all our dentists provide guarantees and warranties on the quality of their work. We have quality-checked our dentists, listing their qualifications and training on our site, as well as real patient reviews and clinic photographs. You can check out everything about your dentist in The Philippines on our site before you book an appointment. 

There are a number of treatments for teeth whitening, either at home treatments or at your dentist’s office. Laser whitening at your dental clinic is the quickest and most effective and although there are a number of different systems, such as Brite Smile and Zoom on the market, our dentists in The Philippines have the same systems that are available at home.

You can also get the professional home whitening kits from your dentist in The Philippines. While not as dramatic an effect as laser whitening the home kits are useful for maintaining your white smile for as long as possible. 

How long do Teeth Whitening take in The Phillippines?

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening takes around 2 hours and but produces results instantaneously. The procedure involves the application of the whitening gel to your teeth and using the laser beam to activate the whitening ingredients in the gel. You will need three applications, usually applied in 20 minute intervals. The dentist will be careful to prepare your mouth so that the gel is only applied to your teeth and not to your soft tissues and you will be given goggles to shield your eyes from the laser.

After the final application your dentist will remove all traces of the gel and thoroughly clean your teeth before showing you your gleaming white smile.

Professional Home Whitening Kits

You will need two visits for this. On the first visit impressions of your teeth are made to send to the lab. Here trays that fit over your teeth will be made. This takes around a week and you will go back to your dentist when they are ready to pick them up. You will be shown how to use them in combination with the gel, which your dentist will give you. You will usually wear the trays overnight and continue the treatment until you are satisfied with the degree of whiteness achieved. 

What is the cost comparison of Teeth Whitening in Australia and New Zealand to The Philippines?

Laser tooth whitening in Australiac osts around AUD $588 and in The Philippines prices start from AUD $216. Home whitening kits are around AUD $270 in Australia and around AUD $200 in The Philippines.

A quick and painless procedure, and at less than half price in The Philippines, laser teeth whitening is one cosmetic dentistry procedure that’s effective and affordable.

Book Teeth Whitening in The Philippines

Book your teeth whitening in The Philippines easily online, or call us Toll-Free. Check-our our website, view clinic photos, read patient reviews and compare prices. Choose and book your dentist in confidence with Dental Departures.

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