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Whitening in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Phuket Province

Have your teeth whitening in Phuket while you are on holiday and return home with a dazzling, new smile!

Dramatic scenery, beautiful beaches and superb hospitality have long made Phuket a favourite destination for travellers. The largest island in Thailand, few islands can have as many sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters as Phuket. Whether you enjoy the frantic pace of Patong, or the solitude of a remote beach in the North, you will find it all here. Swimming, boating, scuba diving and snorkelling are among the most traditional popular outdoor attractions, but elephant rides, and all-terrain tours are some of the more exotic attractions on offer. The island has an active nightlife with cabarets, discos, bars, restaurants and full-moon parties, but at the other end of the spectrum you can find tranquility, solitude and a far more relaxed pace of life.

Phuket’s dentists offer excellent quality and lower prices than you’d pay at home, so why not take advantage—it’ll only take a couple of hours out of your holiday?

Am I Suitable for Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. The first thing to consider is whether you are in good dental health. If you have active gum disease or tooth decay, bleaching agents contained in the whitening gels may cause irritation, or damage, which may be irreversible. Teeth whitening treatments should be handled with care—they are a medical treatment, even though we tend to think of them as cosmetic—and the old beauty adage of ‘no pain, no gain’ is not something that should be followed for teeth whitening treatments.

If you have stains on your teeth due to antibiotics teeth whitening treatments will have no effect on these grey stains, because it is only effective on external stains caused by cigarettes, tea, red wine etc. The only option in these cases is to go for dental veneers.

Why have Tooth Whitening in Phuket?

Dental care and expertise in Phuket is equivalent to anywhere in the world and is typically about 40% less expensive than back home. Many Thai dentists have trained in English-speaking countries and they are well-versed in the latest treatments and techniques available. You can be sure that the tooth whitening treatment you receive here will be of the same standard you would get at home.

Dental Departures pre-screens all dental providers listed on our website, checking dentist qualifications and their professional memberships, as well as carrying out on-site visits and publishing real patient reviews. Our listings also include prices, clinic photos, location maps and exclusive discounts so you can find the clinic that’s perfect for you. Check some of them out:

DDS Dental Clinic
Dental Signature (Phuket)
Sea Smile International Dental Clinic (Phuket)

Phuket is easy to get to, with international flights flying directly to Phuket's airport. Accommodation is easy to find, from luxurious top-of-the-range spa hotels to budget apartments. Above all, they are usually cheaper than at home, as is the cost of living generally.

Zoom! Laser Teeth whitening, BriteSmile teeth whitening, and the Opalescence take-home whitening are some of the types available in Phuket.

What Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Phuket compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The table below shows the prices for laser teeth whitening in Phuket compared to other countries:



NZ $

UK £


US $

Laser Teeth whitening price – home






Laser Teeth whitening price – Phuket






How long does Teeth Whitening take in Phuket?

There are two types of tooth whitening treatments that most dental practices offer. One is a home-based treatment and one is offered in the clinic. The in-clinic laser teeth whitening is the most effective, and takes about an hour.

Laser Teeth Whitening:

Before the tooth whitening process begins your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly to remove stains and tartar and your dentist will make a record of the shade of your teeth. Gums, lips and cheeks will be pulled away from the teeth and the gel applied to the teeth. Eye goggles will be provided to protect your eyes from the laser. The laser activates the gel, and after around 15 minutes the gel is removed and the process repeated twice. The dentist will remove all traces of gel and mouth protection, and the final result will be compared with the shade chart to assess how much whiter your teeth have become. Some systems only have one application of the gel, but it remains on the teeth for a longer period of, say, 45 minutes.

Professional Home Whitening Kits:

Firstly, trays will have to be made for the gel to sit in so that the gel can be applied to your teeth. The dentist will take an impression of your teeth and sent to a laboratory to make the trays. Once the trays have been made, you can go back to your dentist to collect them. You will also be provided with a whitening gel which you will use in combination with the trays to apply to your teeth. Some trays may be worn overnight, while some may be worn for a couple of hours a day, depending on the whitening system used. Treatment continues until you are happy with the degree of tooth whitening achieved.

Further Information

Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team are available to answer any of your questions about teeth whitening in Phuket or to book an appointment for you.


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