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Root Canal in Playa del Carmen

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Playa del Carmen

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The expense of root canal treatment forces some people into the difficult decision of not having it carried resulting in the loss of the tooth. Root canal treatment alone is expensive enough, but if you need a dental crown after the treatment to strengthen your tooth then the initial cost of the treatment can quickly double.

Savvy Americans and Canadians are traveling farther afield for their root canal treatment, and getting the treatment done as part of their annual holiday in places such as Playa del Carmen.

What is the cost of root canals in Playa del Carmen compared to the US and Canada?

The average price in the US is around $1,280. If you need a crown as well the price is likely to be double. However, in Playa del Carmen root canal treatment starts at around $120, and with a crown is only $570 compared to $2,200.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is necessary when the soft tissues in the root of a tooth become infected. The first indication that there is a problem for most patients is when an abscess forms. However, other signs may be throbbing, or pain when biting, a swelling on the gum or sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks.

The treatment involves removing the infected pulp from the tooth root and filling the ensuing cavity to seal it and prevent further infection. Depending on how big the tooth is, you may need a crown to strengthen the tooth after the treatment.

The procedure is carried out under a local anesthetic. The dentist will gain access to the nerve in the tooth by making a small hole in the top of the tooth. The infected pulp and other debris are removed before being thoroughly cleaned and fitted with a temporary filling. A temporary filling is put in place for a few days to ensure that all signs of infection have gone. After a few days, you will return to your dentist and if the signs are good your permanent filling or dental crown will be fitted.

The treatment shouldn’t be painful – and the after-effects should be no more uncomfortable than a filling. The treatment can take a couple of hours to complete – depending on how many roots your tooth has.

Root canal treatments have a high success rate if carried our properly, and with a crown, there is no reason why the tooth shouldn’t last as long as your other teeth.

How Long Do Root Canals Take in Playa del Carmen?

If your treatment is straightforward it can be done in a day, only returning to have your new permanent filling or crown restoration fitted. If you have an infection, you may have to go to the dentist several times over 10-14 days. You may want to be sure your mouth is free of infection before booking your trip, to avoid additional travel and accommodations costs while across the Border. Your hometown dentist can advise you.

Why Have Root Canal Treatment in Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen is located in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, alongside some of the country’s most stunning coastlines and tropical waters. It is a popular holiday destination, and wouldn’t it be good to be able to relax in glorious surroundings between your visits to the dentist?

The clinics here are modern and well-equipped, providing a high-quality service with the latest technology. Dentists here undergo specialist training for root canals, just as they do at home – and we can help you find a dentist in Playa del Carmen who specializes in root canals (endodontist) so you will receive the same skill and expertise here as you would if you’d stayed at home.

How Do I Book?

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