Worried about global dental care? Dental Departures’ No Worries warranty gives you peace-of-mind when you visit a global dentist. Dental Departures will pay for your airfare, hotel & ground transportation if you need to return for a revision

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Worried about global dental care? Dental Departures’ No Worries warranty gives you peace-of-mind when you visit a global dentist. Dental Departures will pay for your airfare & hotel if you need to return for to fix your dental care.

Dental Departures partners with dental clinics who have policies in place to revise your dental care.  If your dentist determines that follow-up dental care is required as a direct result of your dental care Dental Departures’ No Worries warranty will pay for airfare, hotel & ground transportation for your follow-up care.

Pricing: $139.95 AUD


To purchase Dental Departures' No Worries Warranty please accept the Terms & Conditions and then click on the 'buy now' button below.

No Worries for your Dental Treatment $139.95 AUD

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Terms and Conditions

  • Only valid for Dental treatments at Beauty Smile Dental Clinic Chaweng 1 branch
  • No Worries warranty will only be valid if the hospital/clinic/doctor/dentist who performed the medical/dental treatment acknowledges via email that new treatment (revision) is required as a direct result of the original medical care and NOT a result of the patient negligence or ignoring pre/post operative instructions provided by the hospital/clinic/doctor/dentist i.e. smoking, drinking etc.  The patient must stay the recommended number of days and have their final check up with the surgeon.  The revision email from the hospital/clinic/doctor/dentist must be forwarded to Medical Departures to submit a valid No Worries warranty claim.
  • Medical Departures will provide a response via email within 48 hours of you submitting a No Worries warranty claim either approving or declining the claim
  • No Worries warranty only covers the individual who received the medical/dental care and purchased No Worries warranty.  No Worries warranty does NOT cover travel partners, friends of family members
  • Dental Departures will purchase the airfare, hotel & ground transportation.  Dental Departures will NOT reimburse airfare, hotel & ground transportation purchased individually.
  • No Worries warranty will purchase economy airfare for the return trip
  • No Worries warranty will provide accommodation at a 3 star hotel for up to 12 nights
  • No Worries warranty does not include meals, room service, travel insurance or babysitting charges
  • No Worries warranty will provide ground transportation to/from your hotel to the clinic/hospital.  No Worries warranty will NOT provide ground transportation to/from the airport to the hotel
  • You MUST purchase No Worries warranty at the time of booking your original medical or dental care
  • You must schedule your original appointment through Dental Departures
  • You must schedule your follow-up appointment through Dental Departures
  • No Worries warranty claims are only valid 365 days after the last date of the original Dental treatment
  • No Worries warranty is not valid for dental emergencies, infections, sensitivity or scarring
  • No Worries warranty promotion is non-transferrable or refundable
  • Dental Departures reserves the right to vary the No Worries warranty terms or to withdraw the No Worries warranty at any time
  • Dental Departure's decision is final in all matters relating to the No Worries warranty
  • Customers must submit a valid, legible and detailed receipt provided by the clinic. This should include your name, the name of the clinic, procedures/treatments provided, costs, and the currency in which payment was completed