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Root Canal in Puerto Vallarta

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Puerto Vallarta

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Save your tooth and save an incredible 80% on the cost of root canals in Puerto Vallarta. Turn adversity into a positive and go on a dental holiday. Book an appointment for your root canals with Dental Departures and find quality-checked dentists at the lowest prices available.

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Root canal treatment, although common, is actually a difficult and specialist procedure. There is not reason why this treatment cannot be done abroad in holiday destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, providing you find a dentist who specializes in root canals (an endodontist).

Puerto Vallarta’s cobblestone streets, friendly locals and laid-back ambience make it a favorite vacation destination. Scores of restaurants, hotels of all prices, a vibrant nightlife and a burgeoning contemporary arts scene complement the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside. It is the perfect place to unwind for a couple of weeks, or a couple of days, before, during and after your root canal treatment.

Why have Root Canals in Puerto Vallarta?

In North America root canal treatment is expensive, but some savvy patients have found they can holiday inPuerto Vallarta and have root canal treatment for the same price as the treatment alone at home.

Root canal treatment is a specialized area, and it is important to make sure you visit an endodontist. Finding a dentist who is experienced in the area of dentistry you require is not always easy, but our website makes it easy to find dentists in Puerto Vallarta specializing in root canals with a few clicks of a mouse.

Although dentist training in Mexico has generally been thought to be below standards in the West this has changed significantly over recent years.  The Mexican Dental Association(ADM) now has a professional certification program, much like its US equivalent, the American Dental Association (ADA). Whilst this is not mandatory, most modern dentists, especially those treating overseas patients, all have professional certification.

How long do Root Canal Treatments take in Puerto Vallarta?

How long your root canal treatment takes will depend on whether you are having just the root canal treatment or the root canal treatment and crown restoration.

Root canal treatment can usually be completed in one or two appointments. However, there are some factors which may affect this. If you have an infection or abscess then you may have to take antibiotics to clear up the infection. Thus, root canal treatment may not be able to start until up to 10 days after the antibiotics have commenced.

If you are having a restoration this can begin once the root canal treatment has completed satisfactorily. Impressions of the tooth are sent to the laboratory to make the crown. This is returned to your dentist who cements it in place. This process may take around 3 days and 2 appointments at your dentist.

A simple root canal with little or no infection may take up to a week with post-core and crown but it may be up to 2 weeks for severe infections.

What is the cost comparison of Root Canals in Puerto Vallarta to the US and Canada?

Root canal prices vary widely inNorth Americaand are dependent on a number of factors, for example whether it’s a front tooth or a molar. Root canal treatment in Puerto Vallarta, without a crown is around $240, as compared to $1,280 in the US. The whole treatment, including post/core and standard crown comes in at around $650 in Puerto Vallarta, as opposed to $2,200 in the United States.

Puerto Vallarta offers a cost-effective solution to root canal problems with expert endodontists and a hospitable community to make any stay here highly enjoyable.

How do I book Root Canals in Puerto Vallarta?

Book an appointment with one of our quality-checked dentists online. Alternatively, you can call our free-phone number, talk via our online chat facility or send us an e-mail. We're always happy to discuss your treatment options or any other concerns you have about root canals in Puerto Vallarta. 

(Image by: Paul Hamilton)

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