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Dr Jessica Del Carmen Rodriguez Arrona’s dental clinic is located in Matamoras. Established for ove 17 yearrs we are specialize in periodontics, providing affordable dentistry to prevent tooth loss.

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Procedure Price Quantity
Cleaning, Whitening, Fillings & Extractions
USD 130* USD 50
USD 150* USD 70
USD 170* USD 80
USD 200* USD 100
USD 175* USD 50
USD 679* USD 200
USD 496* USD 300
USD 127* USD 50
USD 275* USD 250
USD 180* USD 30
USD 35* USD 50
Implant Procedures
USD 2,000* USD 400
USD 1,500* USD 200
USD 4,000* USD 800
USD 2,200* USD 1,000
Other Procedures
USD 2,500* USD 300
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