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I figured I saved $36,500

I've been getting a lot of e-mails from other farmers without dental plans now that I am back from Mexico where I sat in a dentist’s chair for 10 hours over four days.
I suffered through some major construction work last month. I got 29 crowns, 3 bridges and a wisdom tooth extraction.
I figured the job would have cost me $42,000 at a home town dentist in Glengarry County, the final bill from the Sani Dental Group clinic was $4,740. That included a three-day stay at a hotel. Throw in the $800 round-trip flight from Syracuse to Yuma, Arizona, and I figured I saved $36,500.
The clinic, is a simple walk across the U.S. border in Arizona, south of Yuma. The Mexican town of Los Algodones has 350 dental clinics and "the largest drug store that I’ve ever seen in my life," Another Canadian told me he paid $7,000 for prescription drugs that would have cost him $70,000 in Canada.
Americans park their vehicles on the U.S. side, then walk across the border to fill prescription drugs or go to a dental clinic.

Ian from Canada
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