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Testimonial from Riley
I was quoted around $30,000 at home for 28 porcelain crowns... at Sani I only paid $10,800

I came to Los Algadones not knowing what to expect, wondering if I had picked a good place to have my work done, and quite nervous about the whole procedure as I was getting 28 crowns done at once. Upon arriving it didn't take long for the nervousness to turn into reassurance and excitement because of all the workers there. Everyone is eager and energetic and make you feel right at home. The doctor and his assistant were very professional and gave me a variety of options for my treatment and their recommendations. When it came time to do the work, they made me feel very comfortable and in having all my teeth ground down, I barely felt a thing at all. They made me temporary teeth to use until my crowns were made. The day the dentist was putting them in, he realized a very slight issue with the spacing of the front teeth. He stopped working, brought in the technician who makes the crowns, showed him his concerns and had all the front teeth remade. This precision of work made me confident that I was getting the best work I could get. The dentist, his assistant and 2 other workers all stayed late that day waiting for the crowns to come back from the lab and be installed because the dentist told me that he would have it all done that day. He did an amazing job putting them all in and I couldn't be happier with my results and he was proud to show off his work to others in the office the next day when I went for my last check up. I've already gotten so many compliments from random people in the airports and I haven't even gotten home yet. I highly recommend Dr. Jose Manuel and the whole team at Sani Dental Group and I cannot thank them enough for the truly amazing work and experience I had at their office. Another great thing about it was, I was quoted around $30,000.00 at home for 28 porcelain crowns and 3-4 months to complete the work. At Sani, I got 16 high grade zirconia crowns for my molars and 12 porcelain crowns for the front teeth and I only paid $10,800.00 CND. I

Riley from Canada
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