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Testimonial from Sharman
It was so nice to hear a dentist say...NO... to work I was ready to pay for.

I had reservations when I was thinking of setting up the appointment while in Thailand, but your dentaldepartures customer service rep, Jane, was so helpful in getting me to the best dental clinic for the work I wanted done. She answered all my questions and I felt very confident with the decission to visit another dentist other then my own here at home in Washington.

My experience with Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic was a very positive one! The office staff was professional and very friendly, everyone made me feel very welcomed. I have had some very bad experiences with dentists over the year so my stress level was on high alert. The dentist I worked with was so calming and reassuring that I would feel no pain. They offered gas as an option during the procedure. I went in with the request to replace 2 crowns that my family dentist at home said needed replacing due to age. After the exam my Bangkok dentist recommended I only replace 1 crown. Even thou my back molar crown was at least 25 years old, she said it was still intact, had no decay whatsoever and felt it had years of life left. Also, this is a problem molar where I have had a root canal done and she explained that anytime work is done on a tooth you can open a can of worms and cause the tooth to become aggravated and my only option then would be an implant.

I so appreciated her taking the time to explain all this. It was so nice to hear a dentist say...NO... to work I was ready to pay for.

In the end I had a thorough exam, xrays and one crown replaced, with gas during my appointment. My bill was $484.00 for the highest grade of porcelain crown & $114.00 for the procedure, xrays and gas. Wow! this work would of cost me well over a thousand dollars with my regular dentist. I will definitely return for more dental work and recommend your website to my friends and family.

Thank you so much for all you do at

Sharman from Washington State, USA
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