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Testimonial from Ashley
It will change your smile and not so much your pocketbook.

This has been a wonderful experience for me. I came to Ocean Dental for initial diagnosis and cleaning.
I live in S Florida where there is limitless specials/coupons for teeth cleaning and crowns etc. I have jumped around dentists. Then, it was time, you know when you know you need a lot of work and coupons are not going to cut it. So, I went to one of the biggest outfits in S Florida to get the real scoop on my teeth. The treatment Plan called for $6700 worth of dental work and a discount rate on their "discount plan" for $200 would allow me a rate of $4300.
At this time I had the chance to go meet family in Cancun. I heard of Dental Departures which has dentists in over 30 countries offering affordable health care. So, I called them and they quoted me $2300 for all of it from Ocean Dental.
In time I spoke to Ocean Dental (August) to arrive in Cancun for Thanksgiving Break, (November), there was correspondence with Ocean Dental and myself over 30 times through e-mail and phone calls. ( I was extremely nervous being in a different country and many friends and family were giving me a lot jokes about going to a dentist with outdated tools and bad hygiene etc.).
Well, here is the scoop I ended up with 4 crowns and 2 wisdom teeth pulled, all in one day. the ENTIRE time I was there absolutely no pain...not even the Novocain shots. for price of $2000.
But, the even bigger scoop...when they x-rayed my mouth it was the most modern equipment that has ever been used. They let me know I had 4th molars in my head (our wisdom teeth are 3rd molars) so this is unusual. they said, you do you realize you have not been biting on your back molars when you eat. They do not touch because your left wisdom teeth were removed (when I was 18 & 26) and it made my bite lopsided and there was a crown put in on the side with the wisdom teeth that was larger than they were so it made it impossible to use my molars on my right side to eat. HOW THIS HAS BEEN MISSED BY ALL THE DENTISTS IN THE U

Ashley from Florida, USA
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