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Testimonial from Tomi
Thanks to Dental Departures I can eat steak, corn on the cob and anything else I want!

My friend and I took off for Mexico around 7:30AM Sat. morning and arrived 2 1/2 hrs later. We were going to park in the parking lot on the American side, but decided it was a bit far for her to walk. Not really far at all - just for her. It is probably a block. So I thought I would drive over the border. Now it is only one lane in and one lane out. No problem getting in (or out - just have a passport) - just drive across. It is such a small sleepy town, the first thing that strikes you is the amount of signs and offices for dentists. So glad I had spoke with you and made an appointment. It would have been very overwhelming to go there "cold turkey". So I drove a couple blocks and stop to ask some one where the dental office was, and he pointed to a building right in front of us and said there it is. Oh my, we where there before we knew it. There is a parking lot a few feet away, so we parked there. So in the office we go - I show them my appointment paper and they inform me I am in the wrong office and I would have to go to the other one. So their van took us to the right office. Everyone was very nice, the office was large and very clean. So at the Platinum office we are directed to a "diagnostic" person. We are in this little patient room and they come in. Now I have my unsatisfactory teeth with me of course to show what I do not want with the new ones. They assure me they can do a much better job. I the ask if they can show me a sample of what they do. No, they do not have any samples. I insist that if I do not see any sample, I simply couldn't do it. As I said to them, you don't buy a car without seeing it first do you? They had never had anyone ask to see any before. Now I am smiling while all this is going on, but was serious about seeing a sample. While they started quickly looking for anything they can show me - they finally find a small denture looks like for a child - so I was somewhat satisfied with that. So I say OK let's do i

Tomi from San Diego
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