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Testimonial from Ken & Carol
Thanks to Dental Departures, our visit to Sani Dental was incredible

We are very pleased to give a report on our dental work we received in Nov of 2014. We decided to book through a company called Dental Departures. We talked to Jane Parker. We were nervous, as most first time Mexican dental patients. My husband is a kidney transplant patient and his worry was of course infection. When we listened to Jane together on the speaker phone, she gave us a real feeling of peace. She has been there, she knows the little village of Los Algodones and after speaking with her, Ken felt assured that we were doing the right thing. She was honest with us about the good and the not so good. She didn’t hide anything as we were to find out.
The estimate here in Canada 2 years ago for his teeth was $25,000. I had not been to the dentist for a while so I knew some things had to be done soon. We arrived at this adorably quaint Hacienda Hotel. The Hotel picks you up at the airport and brings you right there. (and takes you back when you are done) Our room was cute and basic. Air conditioning, TV, nice bed and very clean. Immediately we met a couple in the courtyard playing cards. They had been there several days having extensive dental work on both of them. They could not say enough good things about their experience. They explained even more to us that totally confirmed everything Jane Parker had told us on the phone a few weeks before. We went to bed that night very much at ease.
We had decided we would explore the little village for a day before we had our first appointment. We found Sani Dental where our work was to be done. We introduced ourselves and they gave us a tour of the place. They were so nice. Everyone was so friendly. The next day we started our work. Ken had 7 extractions and full dentures made. I had 16 crowns on teeth that had vertical cracks and could have crumbled soon down the road from nighttime teeth grinding. In four days our work was completed. Mine was totally pain free which I thank Dr Maria for.

Ken & Carol from Kelowna, B.C. - Canada
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