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The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Tijuana

Save around 70% on teeth whitening in Tijuana. If you live in the southern US states its worth a trip here to save a few hundred dollars and improve your smile. Book with us and we guarantee you the best prices. 

It is a thriving tourist destination. US tourists, particularly from San Diego, have been visiting Tijuana for years, the US dollar going much further in its bargain shops and inexpensive bars and restaurants than it does at home.

Tijuana is not just a tourist destination. Many people from other parts of Mexico, North America, South America and even Asia, have made Tijuana their home. It is a growing city, and is important as an industrial and manufacturing hub. Economically, it is one of the wealthiest cities in Mexico and is recognized for its political and cultural significance.

The growth of Tijuana can be seen across all businesses and industries here, including dentistry. Tijuana has opened its arms to international patients, providing excellent facilities and modern cosmetic dentistry techniques, such as tooth whitening.

Why have Laser Teeth Whitening in Tijuana?

Although, undoubtedly, the inexpensive cost of tooth whitening in Tijuana is a major factor in coming here, expertise and clean, modern clinics is also another plus point. Dentists are well-trained and offer the same practices, techniques and brands that are available in the US and Canada. You can be certain that the tooth whitening treatments available in Tijuana are of the same standard that you receive at home.

Tijuana is geared up to receive international visitors. International flights arrive daily at airports in Tijuana, and over the border in San Diego. Abundant accommodation is easy to find, from budget apartments to top-class spa hotels. English is spoken widely and there are numerous bars, restaurants and shops, with prices substantially cheaper than at home.

How long does Laser Teeth Whitening take in Tijuana?

Dental practices normally offer two types of tooth whitening treatments - laser tooth whitening, which is carried out in the dentist clinic, and home whitening, which is carried out at home, under the supervision of a dentist. Both procedures use a peroxide-based bleaching gel, with varying concentrations. Gels with higher concentrations of peroxide provide a more effective whitening effect, but this can also lead to greater sensitivity in the soft tissues of the mouth. Gels with higher peroxide levels must be used with care, and this is why procedures using them should only be carried out by a dentist.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser tooth whitening is carried out in around 2 hours, producing instant results. Before the process begins, stains and tartar will be removed with a thorough cleaning by your dentist. A shade chart will be used to assess the color of the teeth. A light-activated gel will be applied to the teeth after gums, lips and cheeks have been shielded and pulled away from the teeth. Eye protection will be provided to guard the eyes from the laser. The laser will then be applied to the gel for around 15 minutes. This process will be repeated twice. When the treatment is complete, all traces of gel and mouth protection are removed and the shade chart used to assess the final result. Results are usually quite dramatic, with teeth appearing up to 10 shades lighter.

Professional Home Whitening Kits

Your dentist will firstly take impressions of your teeth so that trays can be made to fit your teeth. These trays will hold the gel that will be applied. After a few days, once the trays are made, you will visit your dentist again who will show you how to use the trays in combination with the gel. Depending on white whitening system used, you may have to sleep with the trays, or you may have to pop them in for a couple of hours a day. You continue with the treatment until the desired degree of tooth whitening is achieved. More gel can be obtained from your Dentist and you can use these trays indefinitely.

What is the cost comparison of tooth whitening in Tijuana to the US and Canada?

  • Laser tooth whitening in the US is between $500 and $1,000. Professional home whitening kits are about $500.
  • Tooth whitening systems in Tijuana start at around $200 for laser whitening and $150 for the professional home whitening kits.
  • Tijuana's incredibly low prices and its convenient location for a day trip make it one of the top destinations to consider for your tooth whitening treatments.

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