Advantages and disadvantages of dental bridges


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Dental Departures' patients often ask us about the pro's and cons of bridges versus dental implants. As you might guess, there's no right or wrong answer. Much depends upon the condition of your teeth and jaw, along with your aesthetic preferences and budget. Below you will find a few items to consider; consult your dentist for his or her expert opinion:

What are the Advantages of Bridges Compared to Implants?

  • Bridges are much less expensive than implants, especially if you need multiple teeth replaced. 
  • If your teeth to be replaced have already been extracted, only one trip is required to have a bridge completed, whereas implants someteimes require two trips or more up to a year apart. 
  • If your bone has recessed at the site of the missing tooth, no bone grafting is requiredto place a bridge. If your bone structure is poor,, Implants may require grafting.




What are the Disadvantages of Bridges Compared to Implants?

  • Bridgework compromises the integrity of teeth used as anchors to support the bridge, both by removing material from the tooth to place the bridge, and by causing additional pressure and stress on the tooth. This can cause the supporting teeth to degrade or fail in the future. 
  • As there is no root in the bone or supporting the gums at the site of the missing tooth/teeth, the gums and bone may eventually recede and atrophy over time. This can cause other teeth to fail, create sunken spots in the jaw and cheek, and necessitate bone grafts should you want implants in the future. 
  • Bridges are not considered a permanent solution; they can require replacement after 10-15 years, especially if bone has resorbed or if the gum line has recessed.
  • Dental implants are considered to be more durable than bridges, often a permanent solution that lasts a lifetime.

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