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If you’re looking for affordable dental implant prices Tijuana is an option you should consider. Just over the US-Mexico border from San Diego it is one of the nearest Mexico locations for US and Canadian visitors to get to. Driving is an option, but if you live further away there’s a choice of either San Diego airport in the US or Tijuana in Mexico to fly to.

For many people in America and Canada the dental charges at home are just too much. Even for those that have insurance dental implants are usually not covered. This is a shame because as a tooth replacement procedure it is much better than some of the other options, like dentures.

Advantages of Implant Dentistry in Tijuana


The cost of dental implants in Tijuana is a major draw for visitors from the United States and Canada. In the United States a dental implant averages around $3,900, compared to less than half the price in Tijuana. At Dr Dalia Dental Care , dental implants are $1,600.


Quality of Dentistry:

Providing you do some research on your dentist you should easily be able to find a reliable dental clinic in Tijuana. Many of the dental clinics in Tijuana pitch their services specifically to international patients, and, therefore, offer transparent prices and good-quality services that are measurable. For instance, many dentists have often done some of their training in the United States, and so they will more than likely be American Dental Association members, like the Harmony Dental Studio , which means their standards are the same as American dentists.


Clinic Equipment:

Contrary to what people’s perceptions used to be of dentistry in Mexico – run-down clinics and out-of-date equipment – the reality is somewhat different these days. Many of the clinics are new and equipped with the best technology, such as 3D CT scanning, like Advanced Smiles Dentistry .



You’ll also discover that the same materials your dentist in the United States are all available and used by dentists in Tijuana too.


Bone loss and dental implants

Many people have lost teeth due to bone loss, which occurs when gum disease hasn’t been treated and it leads to periodontal disease. Advanced periodontal disease is where the bone has been compromised which then affects the stability of the teeth, leading, ultimately, to tooth loss.

If this has happened to you then dental implants can’t be placed because, essentially, there is no bone to put an implant into. However, all is not lost – a bone graft can remedy the situation. This is another surgical procedure which will need to be carried out before the implants are placed, which will typically be 6-12 months after the bone graft. This will require an additional trip to your dentist – so choosing a dentist that is easily accessible, like Tijuana, is probably going to be a good idea if you have to make several trips.

Dental implant prices in Tijuana are affordable – and you won’t be compromising on the quality of your dental work if you choose your dentist carefully after some proper research.

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