All-on-Six versus Dentures – And Why Going to Thailand Makes Sense!


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Should you choose all-on-six or dentures? Many people ask this question, and you can only make the right decision if you have the right information. In this article we’ll compare these two solutions that people with missing teeth opt for. We’ll also show you why cheap all-on-six in Thailand is a great idea.

The main difference between all-on-six and dentures is that the all-on-six is supported by implants whereas dentures are supported by tissues. A denture sits on the gums and has passive retention, relying on suction created by the denture’s “fit”. So, depending on the patient’s anatomy and the dentist’s skill, the denture may end up being loose or more secure.

An acrylic base and teeth made from different materials are used to fabricate the denture. The all-on-six is inherently more secure, and it mimics your natural teeth since they’re usually attached to the implants with screws.

The materials used for all-on-six are generally stronger than dentures as well. While you can remove your dentures, only a dentist can remove your all-on-six. Compared to an all-on-six system, dentures cover more surface area in your mouth, affecting the taste of food.

All-on-Six Price – Thailand

So how much does all-on-6 cost in Thailand? How much can you save on this procedure by becoming a dental tourist? First let’s look at the average prices in Australia and New Zealand:

Price of all-on-six in Australia: AUD $39,767
Price of all-on-six New Zealand: NZD $42,664

Now here are the prices for at the top 3 clinics in Thailand:

So you can easily save around AUD $22,000 / NZD $23,000 by flying out to Thailand! That’s a massive discount. Rest assured that you’re not downgrading the quality of your procedure just because you’re paying less. Thailand has many world-class dental clinics where you can get the best of cost and quality. As long as you stick to these kinds of clinics (you now know 3 of the top ones), you’ll be fine.

When you put these two factors together (cost & quality), you can clearly see why going to Thailand for this procedure will help you make up your mind about getting all-on-six instead of dentures. All-on-six is better than dentures but often it’s high price comes in the way. Now thanks to cheap all-on-six in Thailand, you can choose the better option without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

And let’s not forget that traveling to Thailand gives you an amazing opportunity to enjoy a wonderful vacation. With the money you save you can even take along a partner to accompany you during your time there.

What's Next?

So, feel free to contact the clinics mentioned above and get personalized quotes. You’ll get cheap all-on-six in Thailand at all these clinics so you can focus on other factors like which clinic was more friendly and which location suits you better etc.

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