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Looking for high-quality and cheap dental implants? Matamoros is your next stop.

Matamoros is located in the far north eastern Mexico just directly across the US-Mexico border to Brownsville, Texas. The city has been noted as one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico. In addition to a rise in the number of tourists visiting the city every year, Matamoros is also known as a place to find dental clinics that offer cheap dental implants. Matamoros has been a dental destination for global patients in search of affordable dental care.

For potential patients traveling to Matamoros, prices are the biggest factor to consider traveling across the border. This dental implants price list can serve as a good reference to compare the prices of having the procedure done in their home country or in Mexico.




US $






$ 5,045.00




$ 2,457.00



The clear comparison between the prices is enough for international patients to book an appointment. If in case potential patients are still unconvinced about traveling away from the comforts of their country, Dental Departures has a help desk to serve them. They will answer questions regarding safety, hotel accommodations, length of stay and even about the treatment itself. Dental Departures can also guarantee that the prices are matched according to the client's preferences. They make sure that clients have the best possible options.

There are several dental clinics around Matamoros that provide dental implants at affordable prices. However, a low price does not equate to inferior quality work. Here are some of the remarkable clinics:

With over 18 years in the dental field, Especialidades Dentales Matamoros has been providing clients with quality services. The clinic believes that prevention is always better cure that is why their medical staff is skilled in providing preventative dental care to patients.

Next is the Jessica Del Carmen Rodriguez Arrona practice that promises their patients a smile that they can be proud of at a very reasonable price. With 17 years of experience, Dr. Jessica Del Carmen Rodriguez Arrona is committed to preventing and treating gum and bone diseases.

The Professional Dental Care is easily accessible from Brownsville, Texas. They offer comprehensive restoration and prosthodontic treatments like dentures and implants. They also have provided preventative dental services like check-ups and fillings.

The UNIMEDIC dental clinic provides personalized treatments in order to satisfy and meet the patient's preferences. With their state-of-the-art equipment and modern technology, the clinic can accurately give timely and accurate diagnoses.

Lastly, the Ania Rodriguez Arrona is exclusively dedicated to giving dental treatments to children of all ages. The clinic aims to be child-friendly in order to eliminate the fear of going to the dentist. They offer treatments to prevent cavity and misalignment of the teeth.

Dental Departures can provide more information on the clinics as well as first-hand testimonials from international patients who have been under the care of these dental clinics.

Potential patients should do well in considering these clinics when they are looking for cheap dental implants. Matamoros is not just a place to enjoy a vacation but also a place to remember as a medical destination with world class and affordable dental health care.

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