Dental Health on Holiday for Less; Teeth Cleaning in Thailand


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Have your holiday vacation in Thailand, and can get most of your money and holiday experience with their super affordable teeth cleaning. Thailand is brimming with beautiful beaches, party islands, cultural wonders; you are sure to lack nothing when it comes to your vacation. Topping it with their inexpensive dental care services, you will be able to have an amazing Asian venture, and maintain top-quality dental health—and all for less!

How affordable is it in Thailand to maintain your dental health?

Would you like to pay only 36.5% of current international prices? Read on! The dental care in Thailand is one of the most inexpensive in the entire region. Along with their booming tourist islands, Thailand’s main attraction is their high-quality dental services that are more obtainable because of their affordability. If you opt to have your treatment in Thailand, you will save on your dental cleaning because the prices in Thailand are around a third of the rates in US or Australia.



$ 126.00 VERSUS $ 46.00 Saving US $ 80.00



$ 165.00 VERSUS $ 60.00 Saving AUD $105.00



$ 183.00 VERSUS $ 67.00 Saving NZD $116.00


How do dentists clean teeth while you are in a holiday mood?

The first advantage is very little downtime! Teeth cleaning are a simple procedure despite its cost in local clinics at home. Teeth cleaning sometimes involve certain dental procedures such as scaling and root planing to maintain all-around dental health – especially useful if you have gum disease. Scaling removes plaque and tartar from our teeth, and root planing makes sure our gums are healthy by picking clean the small pockets where our teeth and gums meet. Teeth whitening can also be a choice, depending on the patient’s preference.

Why should I trust dental clinics in Thailand with my dental health?

We selected three Dental Departures Global Patients’ Choice Award Winners for you to choose from. Dental Departures makes sure that while on your dental vacation, things go as smoothly as possible. That is why we feature three of the best clinics in Thailand to do your teeth cleaning:

All the clinics above have undergone thorough background checks to verify their qualifications for high-quality service. Our Dental Departures team makes sure that every clinic we recommend is safe and reliable for any kind of procedure. And for teeth cleaning, these three are guaranteed to be more than adequate. If you need help selecting, how about reading a teeth cleaning review?

Thailand clinics also offer a ton of promotions for you to pick from; just see the list below:

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)

  • No Worries Warranty

  • 10% Discount off Teeth Whitening in Bangkok

  • New Zealand Veterans 5% discount

  • Australia Veterans 5% discount

Bangkok Smile Malo Clinic

The following promotions are available in both Bangkok Smile Malo Clinic and Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)

  • Free Town Car

  • Dental Departures' Exclusive Packages

  • Remembrance day 10% discount

Sea Smile Dental Clinic

To make the most of your time while on your vacation, choose Thailand and avail their incredibly affordable teeth cleaning! Thailand is waiting for you—so come and book with us now at Dental Departures!

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