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There are several options for replacing missing teeth. Of all the available options, dental implants are the best. They are permanent and take after your natural teeth.

A dental implant is not a tooth in itself. It is a metal post which is typically made from titanium. It is inserted into the jawbone through a surgical procedure. A false tooth is then mounted to complete the process. To determine where to get the procedure, you should check out dental implants reviews. In Pattaya, dental clinics charge affordable rates and the quality of services is impressive.

How do I find a good dentist abroad?

Dental Departures has a comprehensive list of reputable dentists working in Pattaya. We conduct background checks to make sure qualifications and professional memberships are legitimate. Besides these, we visit the clinics to confirm details and talk to patients to ascertain what is promised is what is delivered.

Additionally, many of the dental professionals in our listings have subscribed to internationally recognized organizations. You are assured of high standards of care.

The clinics which come highly recommended in Pattaya include:

a) The Dental Design Center

There is no aspect of dentistry that is not covered in this premier clinic. It is in Pattaya City, a renowned beach resort in Thailand. The Dental Design Center encourages international clients to seek services here because of the affordable rates and the confidence they have in their qualifications

b) Orthosmile Dental Clinic

This clinic offers a relaxed atmosphere for the benefit of every client seeking services here. The treatments are first-class and they are completed by staff who are not only interested in seeing a successful outcome but creating a long-lasting positive experience. The diverse languages spoken by the staff ensure that both local and international clients can express their needs and wants in a language well understood by the service providers.


c) Dente Smile Clinic

This clinic strives to offer once-in-a-lifetime personalized dental services. The exceptional services offered here guarantee patients the best dental health to help them enhance their smiles. The dental team not only has the technical know-how but also artistic skills to ensure every client goes home with pearly white teeth.

d) Pattaya International Dental Centre

The goal of this premier dental center is to offer the best dental care at affordable rates. The best materials are utilized in completing the treatment process. They come from an in-house laboratory. Not only does this lower the treatment cost but also ensures quality is maintained.

e) Samitivej Sriracha

This clinic is trusted by expatriates, residents as well as tourists when it comes to the provision of exceptional dental care. It has an outstanding globally-recognized record in performance. The facility comes fully equipped with all the facilities and equipment needed for superior dental care

How much do dental tourists pay for dental implants in Pattaya?

You can get high-quality dental implant treatments in Pattaya at only USD $ 1477 ( NZ $ 2,057 , CAN $ 1,832, AUD $ 1,855, UK £ 1,140) as opposed to USD $ 6500( AUD $ 8,166, UK £ 5,021, CAN $ 8,065, NZ $ 9,055) for the same treatment in Australia.

You will hear a lot about dentistry in Pattaya but you can trust dental implants reviews in Pattaya to give you in-depth information on what to expect. Dental Departures staff are always available 24/7 in case you need their help.

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