Get a New Smile with Affordable Laser Teeth Whitening in Tijuana


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If you are thinking of improving your smile with laser teeth whitening, Tijuana clinics have some of the best services available. With the affordable laser teeth whitening treatments available in Tijuana clinics, you can have your smile revived; your teeth whitened and remove those terrible stains and hues.

A teeth whitening session may sound too simple a procedure to get an entirely new smile, but you will be amazed at how transformative white teeth can be!

See how much you can save with Dental Departures. 

How affordable is Tijuana for my teeth whitening to regain my smile?

The cost for the procedure as well as accommodation during your dental vacation in Tijuana will not give you financial migraines.

In fact, Tijuana rates make sure that you will not fuss when it comes to dental costs and lodging.

Here is a peek at how you can get your new smile with affordable laser teeth whitening and save nearly 58% in the process on brands like Zoom! and BriteSmile. 


$496.00 VERSUS $ 220.00 Saving US $276.00



$648.00 VERSUS $ 287.00. Saving AUD$361.00



$633.00 VERSUS $ 281.00. Saving CAN$352.00



[Note: these are estimated prices calculated at the time of writing. Please see our clinic listings for up-to-date prices.]


Laser teeth whitening treatment

There are many ways to whiten our teeth, although the most effective way is the laser teeth whitening procedure. This procedure makes use of laser technology to strengthen the effect of bleaching agents applied on the teeth during the procedure.

The procedure usually starts off by the dentist placing a rubber dam inside the mouth to ensure the bleaching gel only touches the surface of the teeth and not the gums. Next, the bleaching gel is applied to the teeth, followed by laser exposure to activate the bleaching agents. The process is repeated at least thrice for optimal results.

Which clinic in Tijuana should I visit for affordable laser whitening?

When it comes to teeth whitening, Tijuana has an abundance of clinics for laser teeth whitening treatments. Nevertheless make sure you get the best, most trustworthy service available in Tijuana. 

Our team performs onsite visits and proper background research of their dentists, staff, and facilities, so you will have a peaceful mind while you are in their hands.

These three clinics passed our critical tests and all qualified for your laser whitening treatment. All three are winners of the Dental Departures Global Patient’s Choice Award. With them, you are ensured exquisite service, and for the lowest of prices.

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