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A trip to Thailand is a great opportunity to get oral care – you can get routine maintenance, like a filling, at a dentist in Phuket – saving money and ensuring your oral health stays in mint condition. Sounds interesting? Keep reading and discover where you can get low-priced fillings in Phuket.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings restore teeth that are decayed and broken. The dentists also use this restorative treatment to solve minor fractures. Fillings are made from different materials like Composite Resins or Porcelain. Composite Resins are the most common type of fillings used by many dentists because of its qualities. It matches the color of your teeth and bonds easily to the tooth surface. Less tooth structure is removed during treatment compared to other treatments, like crowns.

A consultation with a dentist in Phuket will determine which material is best for you. The dentist will check your teeth, and after check-up, the dentist will begin the restoration process by giving you a local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. The dentist will remove the decay along with the bacteria, clean it, and place the filling material. After the treatment, continue to practice proper oral hygiene and get regular checkup to achieve optimum health.

Price of Dental Fillings in Phuket

The price of dental fillings and other treatments in Phuket is just a fraction of the cost you’d spend at home. Below is the estimated price Composite Fillings in Phuket.

Estimated Price of Fillings







Price in Australia

AUD $37

NZD $40

USD $37

CAD $40

GBP 22

Other countries

AUD $172

NZD $185

USD $172

CAD $185

GBP 102

Dentists in Phuket

Dental Departures provides you a list of dentists in Phuket that are screened based on their qualifications, professional affiliations, and the services they provide. We also checked their dental offices. Here’s the list of verified clinics in Phuket:

  • DDS Dental Clinic offers Restorative Dentistry (tooth-colored fillings, inlay, onlay), Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, and Cosmetic Dentistry. The dentists handling the treatments are specialists in Prosthodontics (teeth replacement) and Dental Implants. The clinic has a 3D imaging device, implant system, and other modern equipment.
  • Pearl Dental Clinic is located near hotels convenient to international patients. The clinic has a team of specialists in Periodontics (gums), Endodontics (root canals), Orthodontics, and Dental Implants. They include members of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). It uses advanced treatment in restoring patients’ teeth.
  • Dent Central Clinic offers General Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Dental Implants. The dental professionals continue to undergo training programs in dentistry to serve patients better.

Fillings Review: Phuket Dental Clinics

Checkout the clinic profiles, dentists’ background, and reviews from patients who visited the clinics. Find a clinic in Phuket that offers restorative treatments such as fillings. Dentists in Phuket provide effective solutions to your dental problems, so get in touch with our Customer Service to book an appointment.

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