How Affordable Is a Complete Mouth Makeover in Tijuana?


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When it comes to finding out info for the most affordable complete mouth makeover, Tijuana in Mexico is a great place to start, especially if you live in southern California.

Having a million-dollar smile is very important in many aspects of your life such as relationships or even for your job, so you really need to find out the most affordable options just over the border, let us give you the best impartial advice.

What Is a Full Mouth Makeover?

Although we are discussing how to find the most affordable complete mouth makeover Tijuana dental clinics have available, do you know the full extent of these treatments and if they are for you? If you have missing or broken teeth that dramatically affect your confidence to smile, a mouth makeover could be the answer to your dreams.

If you are thinking of visiting a Mexican dental clinic for a complete mouth makeover, it’s important to know all the options open to you. A complete mouth makeover uses dental veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening and composite bonding to reconstruct the aesthetics of your mouth.

Depending on how many missing teeth you have, an implant-supported fixed bridge could also be used. It is a very personal and customizable experience, so if you are having trouble with missing and broken teeth, this could be your only reliable option.


Affordable Clinics for Mouth Makeovers in Tijuana

When it comes to finding a quality Tijuana clinic for your complete mouth makeover, you need to ensure you choose correctly from the start. But how is it possible to make impartial decisions when you know so little regarding the Tijuana dental scene? Taking unbiased advice from us at Dental Departures is a good place to start.

When it comes to securing the most affordable complete mouth makeover Tijuana dentists often have dramatic discounts up for grabs. The savings are simply massive on the most affordable complete mouth makeover cost Tijuana clinics provide. If you want to source the most reliable clinics for your mouth makeover treatments, here are some of the most popular in the eyes of former international patients to Tijuana:

In Tijuana, a complete mouth makeover with a fixed bridge costs around USD $10,000 (CAN $12,696; UK £7,688; Euro €8,722; Aus $12,788; NZ $13,645); in comparison, prices in the US are around $26,000 (CAN $33,431; UK £19,382; Euro €23,130; Aus $33,910; NZ $34,841) for this same treatment. 

Getting Started

If you are looking for the most affordable complete mouth makeover Tijuana clinics have to offer, let us point you towards the best value-for-money clinics in the region so you can save massive amounts of cash on your treatments.

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