How Much Teeth Implants Cost in Tauranga Compared to Southeast Asia


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New Zealand is home to many beautiful seaside towns, with Tauranga being one of these. Bursting with energy and artistry, this place would serve as an amazing locale to live in. However, one part of the city that may come as a worry to some is the cost of dental care. Just as many other cities in the country, the price of taking care of your teeth is very expensive. On the other hand, there are cheaper alternatives, such as travelling to Southeast Asia in order to get your teeth fixed up.

How do Teeth Implants Work?

A dental implant procedure entails having titanium screws are implanted into your jawbone, fusing and creating a socket for replacement teeth to be fitted in. The replacement teeth are modelled exactly like regular teeth and will blend in perfectly with the rest of your natural teeth.


Other Information

Teeth implants are available for all ages, spanning from teenagers who may have lost a tooth in an accident, or older folk whose teeth are starting to decay. One thing to guard against when deciding to undergo the treatment is the risk of infection. That being said, however, by choosing a high quality dental clinic that adheres to international standards of health and hygiene, the risk is minimized and infection is a rare occurrence.

What Countries in Southeast Asia are Good for Teeth Implants?

There are a number of countries in Southeast Asia that deliver quality dental care at cheap prices. Amongst the most popular are Thailand, Bali and Malaysia. These countries are noted for their combination of beautiful locales, cheap accommodations and high quality dentistry at affordable prices.

There are literally hundreds of dental implant clinics in Thailand . Some of the most popular facilities include the Bangkok International Dental Center , Smile Signature Phuket and Dental World Clinic in Chiang Mai. The average price of a tooth implant in Thailand will cost around NZD $2742 (AUD $2548).

Kuta and Denpasar are popular destinations for top quality dental facilities in Bali , such as Kamandhani Dental Care in Denpasar and the ARC Dental Clinic in Kuta. Dental implants here are available for the low cost of NZD $2287 (AUD $2125).

Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and George Town are the main destinations for quality dentists in Malaysia . The top facilities here include the Imperial Dental Specialist Center in Kuala Lumpur, Tiew and Partners Dental Clinic in Johor Bahru and Wong and Sim Dental Surgery in George Town. On average you can expect to pay around NZD $2755 (AUD $2560) for dental implants in Malaysia.

Price of Teeth Implants in Tauranga

At your local dentists, how much does a tooth implant cost? Tauranga clinics charge, on average, NZD $5238 (AUD $5098). By visiting Asia, however, you can save as much as 50% on the cost of teeth implants. Not only that, you also get the opportunity to experience a new culture and enjoy an exotic vacation whilst undergoing your treatment!

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