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2011-06-24 07:25:00 by Rossarin Phinyowan

It all started in Hungary.  For decades, Hungary has been internationally recognized for its high standards of dental care and the level of dental training and certification its dentists achieve. Travelling to Budapest is cheap and easy low cost carrier airlines such as Ryan Air, Easy Jet, and Wizz Air.  I visited Hungary recently to explore for myself the options for dental care I could find in Budapest.  I found that I can save 60%-80% on my dentistry by travelling to Hungary, while receiving premium treatment and care.

I met with dozens of dentists in Hungary and visited their clinics to see what they have to offer to dental patients from abroad.  When setting up my initial dental appointments, the receptionist at one clinic arranged to send a driver to pick me up from the airport, which really made me feel welcome.  The following day, the driver then returned to shuttle me to my appointment from the hotel.  Arriving at the dental clinics, I was always greeted by a friendly English-speaking receptionist, and offered an espresso, latte, cup of tea or bottled water before having a consultation.  The Hungarian dentists were all very friendly and careful to explain all my treatment options with me after reviewing my dental X-Rays.   I was highly impressed with the clean and contemporary facilities, and with all the modern dental technology at the dental clinics in Hungary.

The level of service is outstanding in Budapest.  You can easily find a dental clinic that offers one or most of the following “dental extras:”
  • Free airport & hotel transfers
  • Free or discounted accommodations (depending on total cost of treatment).
  • Free oral exams
  • Free X-Rays
  • Free Wi-Fi or computer services in the clinic
  • Free cell phone to use while in Budapest
  • 24 hour concierge to help with any dental or travel needs
  • On-site luxury hotel
The dental clinics in Hungary really go out of their way to provide you with a wonderful, safe, and comfortable service.  The dentists in Budapest also have more experience working with foreign patients than anyone in the world.  They are aware of the time constraints of travelling for dentistry, and usually have an on-site dental lab in order to create your custom crowns and bridges in a short period of time.  Additionally, Hungarian dentists proudly stand by their work, and usually have solid guarantee policies.  If something goes wrong with your treatment, many clinics will even pay to fly you back to fix the work!

Travel Tips
Budapest is split by the Danube into two sides.  The west side is called Buda, and is very hilly, quiet, and residential but has some excellent restaurants and more upscale accommodations.  To the east of the Danube is Pest, which includes the main downtown of the city and more of the shopping, restaurants, nightlife and commercial activity.  Great hotel and clinics can be found on both sides of the river.  Decide which atmosphere you would prefer when choosing where to stay. Budapest itself is split up into 23 numbered districts, which can make navigating a bit easier once you familiarize yourself with the main areas.

Learn to use the public transportation for trips around town. It is one of the cheapest, fastest, and most convenient systems in Europe.  The metro (subway), trams, buses, trolleybuses and suburban railway are a great way to explore the city quickly and cheaply.  If you take taxis, make sure the driver runs the meter.  Traffic isn’t as big of an issue in Budapest as in other cities, and the taxis are relatively inexpensive.

When taking a taxi from the Budapest Ferihegy airport, a typical rate to downtown Buda or Pest has a posted price of 5000Ft-8000Ft (€20- €30).  If you call a taxi to come pick you up, it should cost about 4000Ft (€15).  Alternately, call your clinic or hotel to see if they can arrange transportation, or book it ahead of time with an independent company as listed below. Do not get into a taxi without either agreeing on a price or running the meter.

Look outside of Budapest!  There are numerous towns outside of Budapest that offer great quality dentistry as well.  Mosonmagyarovar, on the border of Austria specializes specifically in catering to dental travelers.  There are numerous spas, luxury hotels, and dentists in the town that can cater to your every need.  The town is small, quiet and known for its relaxing atmosphere and famous hot springs.

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Budapest boasts one of the most complete public transportation systems in Europe.  It is cheap, efficient, and easy to navigate.  Take the metro (subway), buses, trams, trolleybus, or suburban railway.  The BKV website below provides maps, schedules and a helpful route planner including walking directions to and from the stops.

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