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The Clinic

In the beautiful place of Warsaw in Masovian, Poland, you’ll find Fabdent - Designing your FABulous smile! Warsaw, the cultural centre of Poland, is home to the historical buildings and monuments listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another attraction in this capital city of Poland is Kampinos National Park, one of the biggest national parks in the country. Various accommodation options are available for tourists who plan to get a dental work.

Fabdent aims to delivers specialized dental care in a safe and comfortable environment. It offers Preventive care and specialized treatments such as Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery, Esthetic Dentistry, Periodontics, Orthodontics, and Children’s Dentistry. Visitors can get preventive care like oral examination, prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), and fillings. Prosthodontics replaces missing teeth with dental implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures. The clinic also cover treatments like gum care, braces, root canal therapy, veneers, and laser teeth whitening. Top quality materials are used in improving patients’’ smiles.


Dental implants are stable replacement teeth. The treatment involves the insertion of artificial tooth roots into the jaw. The “artificial tooth” roots are capped with crowns or bridge.

Consult a dentist in Warsaw to know if you’re a good candidate for dental implants. The dentist will check your dental and medical condition to know your suitability for the treatment. Details of the treatment will be discussed during consultation.

The clinic invested in modern facilities to give the best care. The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as digital radiography, dental microscope, Air Polishing unit, Whitening Lamp, Root Canal Filling equipment, and autoclave device that delivers best results. The clinic uses the highest-grade autoclave that effectively sterilizes all the tools.

The clinic is composed of specialists in Implants, Orthodontics, and other fields who speak English. They are supported by dental staff members who are trained in assisting patients from overseas.

Cost of Treatment

You can restore your teeth with dental implants in Warsaw at a lower price. Take note that the price will depend on how many teeth are involved. It will also vary depending on the type of material you choose. Talk to the dentist about your concerns. The dentist will recommend the best option and the right material for your implants. Below is approximate price of dental implant with a crown in Warsaw.

Price of Dental Implants in Warsaw







USD $1,084

CAD $1,463

GBP 846

EUR 1,011

AUD $1,437

NZD $1,542

Aside from getting inexpensive dental implants in Warsaw, you can spend a holiday in this city and visit different attractions. To answer your online query on “where to find Inexpensive dental implants in Warsaw,” check the clinic profiles and compare prices. Book an appointment with the help of Dental Departures.

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