Is dental care overseas worth it?


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Absolutely!  Typically, patients in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia can save 50%-80% on the cost of treatment by booking an appointment with a global dentist on Dental Departures.  Travelling abroad for dental treatment won’t save money for everyone, but it can save a lot of money for many people.

Do you regularly visit a foreign country for business?
If so, you can save a significant amount of money on dental treatment.  Since your travel costs are already covered, even simple procedures like teeth cleaning and whitening or fillings can save you a good deal of money.  If you visit another country on monthly basis, you can even receive orthodontic treatment for thousands of dollars less.   Check out global dentists on Dental Departures to view all the countries represented.

Are you planning a vacation out of the country?
If so, consider planning to receive dental treatment abroad.  The money you can save on just one crown or a root canal can cover the entire cost of your airfare or hotel stay!

Has your dentist quoted you a price for treatment that you can’t afford or don’t want to pay?
Even including the cost of travel, food, and lodging, you can save a significant amount of money by travelling abroad for dental care.  The more dental work you need the more money you can save.   Patients who need multiple crowns or implants are excellent candidates for premium savings.

Why is dentistry cheaper abroad?  Are the materials and equipment old and outdated?
Absolutely not!  Dentists abroad use the same tools, technology and materials when treating their patients.  Globally recognized brands of porcelain crowns, implants, laser teeth whitening systems and 3D X-Rays machines are used in clinics around the world.   The simple fact is this; dentists in countries with developing economies tend to have much lower overhead.  They pay less for insurance, rent and payroll – including the salary they take for themselves.  That difference in cost is passed directly on to you.

Where can I learn about which countries and dentists to visit?  Can I get a price quote?
Visit Dental Departures today to compare prices, photos, and patient reviews from 150 dental clinics in 16 countries.  Get an instant, guaranteed-lowest price quote, speak directly to the dentists, and make a risk free appointment all in one location.

How can I figure out the total cost of dental care abroad and how much I can save?

Easy!  Just follow the simple formula below:

                cost of food per day
+       cost of hotel room per day
+    cost of transportation per day
           = expenses per day

Next :

            expenses per day
               x   number of days travelling
        =  primary expenses


                primary expenses
        +   cost of round trip airfare
        = total travel expenses

              total travel expenses
+    total cost of dental treatment
               = TOTAL COST

Compare the total cost above with the quote you have received from your local dentist to see just how much you can save!

As you will see below, you can potentially save thousands.  The scenario below represents the potential cost savings of a patient from the United States who travels to Costa Rica for two implants.

                    cost of food per day $40
+      cost of hotel room per day $100
+ cost of transportation per day $20
           =  expenses per day     $160  

Next :

            expenses per day $160
         x number of days travelling          12
  =   primary expenses   $1,920


              primary expenses  $1,920
        cost of round trip airfare      $700
         = total travel expenses    $2,620

                           total travel expenses   $2,620
  +    total cost of dental treatment     $3,000
              =    total cost of travel and treatment  $5,620

Total cost of travel and treatment in Costa Rica:  $5,620
     The average cost of two implants in the U.S:  $7,000

    Total savings:  $1,500

For every additional implant needed and placed, this patient will save $2,000!

The figures used above for cost of food, lodging, and transportation are based on upper-middle class accommodations.  The total cost of treatment is an average price for what a dentist in Costa Rica would charge for two immediate loading implants, including x-rays, consultation, surgeries, and the cost of the implants, abutments and full porcelain crowns.

Additionally, you can save even more money by finding cheaper accommodations or airfare.  Many clinics offer free or discounted hotel stays, airfare reimbursement, and free transportation.  Check out all the offers available on Dental Departures!

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