Is it safe to get dental implants in Poland?


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Here are top reasons why it’s safe to get dental implants in Poland.

1. Clinics in Poland are vetted to ensure patients’ safety. We screen the clinics, verified the qualifications of the dentists, and reviewed their professional memberships to help international patients. One of the quality-checked clinics in Poland is Fabdent Dental , located in Warsaw. It offers safe and comfortable treatment to give the best care.

2. The quality of care in Poland is the same as back home. The dental services and technology used in your local clinic are available in Poland. Clinics in Poland offer General Dentistry and specialized procedures like Dental Implants. They utilize modern diagnostic tools and hi-tech equipment in providing effective treatments. They use top quality materials in creating dental implants, but the price is lower compared at home. The table below shows the price comparison of dental implants with abutment and standard crown.

Dental Implants Cost: Poland Dental vs. other countries








Cost in Poland

GBP 846

EUR 1,011

USD $1,084

CAD $1,463

AUD $1,437

NZD $1,542


GBP 3,045

EUR 3,636

USD $3,900

CAD $5,264

AUD $5,170

NZD $5,546

3. The dentists in Poland are qualified professionals. They specialize in Oral Surgery, Implantology, and other fields who are well trained in improving restoring patients’ teeth with dental implants. The dentists perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw as well as review your dental/medical condition. After the assessment, they will recommend the best treatment for you. If it is confirmed that you’re a good candidate for dental implants, the specialists will prepare a treatment plan and place the implants with temporary teeth. After the healing period, the dentist will replace the temporary teeth with permanent ones. You will be given instructions on how to maintain your teeth with dental implants.

4. The facilities comply with strict sterilization processes. Clinics in Poland use the latest autoclave units that effectively clean all the dental instruments. This modern equipment undergoes regular biological test to check its accuracy. Knowing this makes you feel comfortable in the clinic.

5. Poland is one of the most visited countries in the world. This means that it’s safe for tourists like you. However, just like traveling in other countries, you need to stay alert and take care of your belongings. Enjoy the scenic attractions in Poland while waiting for a dental work or explore the country after the treatment. See the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historical areas, and other important landmarks. Savor the Polish cuisine and learn from their culture.

Getting dental implants in Poland is safe for holidaymakers because the quality of care is the same as back home. So if you’re planning to shape up your teeth, start looking for a clinic in Poland for your implants. View the quality-checked clinics and book an appointment with our Customer Service team.

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