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Poland is a fantastic option for high quality dentistry for an affordable price and has become popular for dental patients from all over the world.  I had a chance to visit with the dental clinics and dentists in Warsaw and Sczcecin to see how receiving dental treatment in Poland could work for me.

The dental clinics in Warsaw are very clean, modern, and offer a great value for treatment.  The staff at the clinics were very helpful in arranging for my travel needs, and recommended a fantastic hotel close to Old Town and some sprawling public parks.   Since Warsaw was largely destroyed after the war, the city is very modern, with great public transportation and infrastructure.  Similarly, the clinics I visited were bright, clean, modern, and had great English speaking staff.  I felt very comfortable and at ease with the level of expertise of the Polish dentists, and they were very good at explaining my treatment options in detail.  After visiting with the dentists, I would be very happy receiving my treatment in Warsaw –especially since it cost 60%-70% less than in the UK.

Travel Tips
The public transportation in Warsaw is excellent with frequent buses, trams and an underground metro.  The metro is the fastest form of transportation, although there is only one line that runs north-south through the city.  Taxis a relatively inexpensive as well, although make sure to take a licensed cab in Warsaw.  So-called “mafia cabs” are numerous, especially around the airport and railway station.  These unlicensed cabs are sometimes dangerous and are notorious for extorting high prices from tourists.  When taking a taxi, make sure the taxi has a phone number on the side, a “taxi” sign on the top, and the name of a company on the vehicle.  Do not get into an unmarked cab, or allow yourself to be pressured into one by a pushy driver at the airport.  Some clinic will offer transportation to and from the airport and hotel.

Sczcecin (pronounced s-che-cheen) is located in northern Poland, right on the Baltic Sea and just 50km from the German border.  Denmark is just a few hours’ drive away, and it is possible to take a ferry from a nearby port to Sweden.  Szcecin is a scenic, smaller city than Warsaw and offers a quieter alternative to Warsaw more conveniently located to Germany and Scandinavia.  I toured quite a few clinics in Sczcecin, and found them to be of equal quality to the clinics in Warsaw.  Since Germany and Denmark are so close, the clinics here are well versed in working with dental travel patients.  In recent years, a good number of patients in the UK have discovered Sczcecin as an excellent destination for their treatment.  I found the dentists here to be very personable and friendly, many of them even offered to pick me up at the train station when I arrived.  This is the third largest city in Poland, but it has a quieter small town feel, riverside restaurants, sidewalk cafes and numerous parks.  I recommend taking taxis around town, as they are quite cheap and reliable.

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