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Can’t afford new dentures? The price Juarez dentists charge may change your mind. If you live in Texas, it may be an option to travel to El Paso and walk over the International Bridge into Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The troubles that have plagued the city in the past have diminished a few years ago, and the city is now open for business, having already established a medical tourism cluster.


If you are a resident of Texas you know the exorbitant cost of dental care in your home town. Look at the table below, which gives the average price in the United States and other countries, compared to Juarez:



US $


UK £



NZ $

Full Dentures cost –








Full Dentures cost –









Life with missing teeth


  • If you have missing teeth you already know the effect it has on self-confidence. It may force you to cover your mouth with your hand rather than let anybody see you smile – or worse, stop you smiling altogether.


  • Depending on how many or where the teeth are missing, it may stop you from eating some foods.


Getting new dentures in Juarez


The procedure is simple enough. If you need extractions, the dentist will remove your teeth and fit a temporary denture in one visit. You will return several months later to be fitted for your new permanent denture. This involves taking impressions of your teeth and sending them to a lab where a dental technician will make them. After a few days, they are sent to your dentist and so you can return to have them fitted. The dentist will make any minor adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.



Can I trust the dentists in Juarez?


Typically the dentists in Juarez who offer dental tourism services deliver high-standards on a par to whatyou would receive from dentists at home. Mexican dentists may have had a bad rap in the past, but that is distant to the dentists we see today.

For the most part this has happened because dental tourism is a giant industry, attracting patients (and their money) from everywhere. Not only dental clinics benefit from this but also the communities where patients may spend a vacation, or at least a day. Travelers need amenities like accommodations, places to eat, shops and so forth. Therefore, while visitors are in a destination they put money into the local economy. This is a great incentive for dental clinics to deliver high-quality services to keep the clients coming back.

All the dentists and clinics listed with Dental Departures have been quality-checked by us. What does this signify? It means that we have performed legal/criminal record checks; confirmed dentist qualifications & memberships and compiled other information on our site, like patient reviews, clinic photos and prices. All of this is freely available to you so you can choose your dentist with complete confidence. You can even ask for a free quote from popular clinics like these:


Do not let the high costs of dentists at home discourage you from getting new teeth when the price of dentures the dentists in Juarez offer is what you seek. Book an appointment or speak with our Customer Care Team if you have any questions.

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