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Discover modern, affordable dentistry at Dental 4U in Chiang Mai, the ancient capital of the Lanna Kingdom in northern Thailand. The country’s second largest city, it is the gateway to the majestic north and its hill tribes, artisan villages and stunning natural beauty.


About Dental 4U

Dental 4U is one of northern Thailand’s premier dental clinics, equipped with up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic technology, highly-skilled dentists and strict protocols in place with regard to your health, hygiene and safety.


Offering a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, technologies such as 3D CT scanning, panoramic x-rays and the skill of the clinic’s dentists means you can rely on receiving reliable, affordable treatments to get your dental health back on track.


Services and Procedures at Dental 4U

Dental 4U’s services includes a comprehensive range of general and specialist dental care – from emergency treatment to preventive care to cosmetic dentistry. No matter how simple or how complex your dental work is, you are assured of a professional and competent service at all times in the safe hands of Dental 4U’s dentists.


Before any treatment begins, Dental 4U’s team will make a diagnosis after assessing your oral health with an oral examination and x-rays. This is the most important feature of modern dental care, and once an accurate diagnosis is established the best treatment plan for you is drawn up, taking into account the types of treatments available, your budget and your own preferences. Modern dentistry also allows for a number of routes to be taken to achieve outcomes, so the clinic encourages patients to come for a consultation and find out just what can be accomplished for their circumstances . Very often patients are pleasantly surprised.


Dental 4U’s services includes everyday dentistry, which includes preventive care, and procedures such as check-ups, fillings, deep cleaning, root planing and scaling.


The clinic also has dental specialists in endodontics (root canals), dental implants, prosthodontics (false teeth, eg dentures), periodontics (gums), oral surgery, such as bone grafts and cosmetic dentistry (including crowns, bridges, veneers and teeth whitening).


Dental 4U Dentists – Recommendations

We can highly recommend Dental 4U for good-quality dental care and knowledgeable dentists. Chiang Mai may have a slower pace of life than Bangkok but it’s certainly not a sleepy backwater. The dentists at Dental 4U are all fully-qualified general dentists, and most of them also have specialist qualifications too. The clinic is, therefore, able to offer patients complete care for all their dental health issues – all under one roof.


Dental 4U is also one of Dental Departures’ Global Patients’ Choice Award winners – an award based on the number and consistency of patient testimonials and reviews, and an excellent indication of the reputation a clinic has from the perspective of the people who use it.


Price Comparisons at Dental 4U


Thailand dentist prices are a lot lower for many overseas travelers – particularly those coming from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Eire, the UK and Canada.


Even for everyday care, such as a filling, substantial savings can be made in Chiang Mai – so even if you aren’t on a dental holiday at prices like these you may want to go ahead with routine maintenance while you are here. Of course, for expensive, more complex procedures, you can save thousands.


Dental Fillings cost in Australia AUD $202; Dental Fillings Chiang Mai Dental 4U - AUD $54

Dental Fillings cost in New Zealand NZD $207; Dental Fillings Chiang Mai Dental 4U - NZD $59

Dental Fillings cost in UK GBP £116; Dental Fillings Chiang Mai Dental 4U - GBP £33

Dental Fillings cost in US $155; Dental Fillings Chiang Mai Dental 4U - US $41


Dental Veneers cost in Australia AUD $1,600; Dental Veneers Chiang Mai Dental 4U - AUD $440

Dental Veneers cost in N Zealand NZD $1,760; Dental Veneers Chiang Mai Dental 4U - NZD $470

Dental Veneers cost in UK GBP £1,000; Dental Veneers Chiang Mai Dental 4U - GBP £265

Dental Veneers cost in US $1,200; Dental Veneers Chiang Mai Dental 4U - US $330


Whitening cost in Australia AUD $870; Whitening Chiang Mai Dental 4U - AUD $296

Whitening cost in N Zealand NZD $894; Whitening Chiang Mai Dental 4U - NZD $321

Whitening cost in UK GBP £500; Whitening Chiang Mai Dental 4U - GBP £181

Whitening cost in US $668; Whitening Chiang Mai Dental 4U - US $2325


Dental Tourism at Dental 4U


Dental tourism is a popular and still-growing industry in Thailand. Practically all major tourist centers now have a good selection of excellent quality clinics offering services to international patients. Typically, if you choose a reliable clinic, your dental care will be as good as you would expect at home and there will no more risk in having your care here than anywhere else.


One of the positives for dental tourists is that the competition among dental clinic providers is stiff, which means that only those clinics offering trustworthy services will be able to attract patients on a consistent basis. If the services aren’t up to standard then patients will just go elsewhere.


No such problems at Dental 4U which offers dependable services at very affordable prices. Chiang Mai offers a relaxing respite from the bustle of Bangkok – and temperatures tend to be a little cooler here too.


As a holiday destination it is infinitely more laid-back and if you want to re-charge your batteries, or just recuperate after your dental work, you can wander the streets at your leisure just soaking up the atmosphere. The historic center still feels more like a quaint town than busy capital city – but outside of the center the ancient teak houses jostle for space with modern architecture – and further outside still brings you out into green jungles and countryside – and a world away from modern life.


Hot springs, hidden waterfalls, hill tribes and villages, elephant sanctuaries and adventure camps are just some of the activities on offer here and if you are looking for a satisfying dental vacation and a cultural experience then Dental 4U in Chiang Mai should tick all the boxes.

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