The BIMC Hospital Dental Centre – Luxury surroundings; first-rate care and low, low prices


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The BIMC Hospital Dental Centre – Luxury surroundings; first-rate care and low, low prices

The BIMC Hospital Dental Centre is in Nusa Dua, Bali. It is one of the island’s newest facilities for dental tourists providing alternative international-standard healthcare on a par with Australia, the US or the UK but at a fraction of the price.

Look at BIMC’s photos online and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a boutique hotel, a high-end resort or a sumptuous spa rather than a hospital. But, a hospital it is – and a very grand one at that. Compared to public healthcare facilities in some so-called first-world countries the BIMC’s certainly measure up favorably.

Modest Beginnings

The first BIMC Hospital opened its doors in only 1998. With only 10 staff, 3 consultation rooms and 2 observation beds it soon outgrew its modest facilities. A second hospital was built in Kuta in 2005 and in 2007 BIMC became a fully accredited hospital.

With the influx of medical tourists it soon became clear that further facilities were needed and so by 2012 the site in Nusa Dua was built. This is the luxurious building you see now that offers visitors a range of spa services alongside their surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, kidney dialysis and dental care.

International Accreditation

Although medical and dental tourism is on the rise, one of the reasons that certainly gives would-be patients food-for-thought about getting treatment abroad is concerns over quality. It’s easy to understand their reservations – it’s not as if they can ask around their friends or family about recommended dentists in Bali.

BIMC Nusa Dua has sought to address this issue by becoming internationally accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI), the leading body in Australia for healthcare accreditation now meeting overseas requests for accreditation through their international program. While the hospital receives patients from all over the world, by far the majority are from Australasia. Providing these visitors with tangible reassurances like this can be the nudge indecisive patients need to take the plunge and book their treatment in Bali.


What is the price Comparison of BIMC Hospital Dental Centre and other countries?

                              Australia      BIMC    Saving   
Dental Fillings (AUD):  $200 $84 58%
Root Canal (AUD):  $1,600 $378  76%
Dental Veneers (AUD): $1,440 $503 65%


  New Zealand   BIMC   Saving  
Dental Fillings (NZD): $207 $90 56%
Root Canal (NZD):  $1,700  $408 76%
Dental Veneers (NZD): $1,560 $544 65%


                                      U.K.                BIMC    Saving 
Dental Fillings (UK £):  £116 £51 56%
Dental Fillings (UK £):  £954 £229 76%
Dental Veneers (UK £): £874 £305 65%


                                       U.S.               BIMC    Saving  
Dental Fillings (US $): $155 $64 75%
Root Canal (US $): $1,275 $385 69%
Dental Veneers (US $): $1,100 $383 76%

Why Bali is a great dental tourism destination

We all need to maintain our teeth and gums – and whether you’ve left caring for your mouth for just a little bit too long and need some remedial treatment, you want to improve your smile with laser teeth whitening or you just want a check-up, why not get first-class dental care in Bali and enjoy a holiday too?