The Very Best Tijuana Dentists Listed with Dental Departures


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Inside the westernmost city of Mexico, high-qualified dental specialists are offering the best dental treatments at prices so low that most westerners cannot even imagine.

Our partner Tijuana dentists go through the same level of training as their U.S. counterparts, and most of them use the same equipment as well.

However, the cost of treatment is much, much lower, which provides a great incentive for patients in close-by America to cross the border, get treated, and save thousands of dollars. That, and the chance to vacation in the beautiful country of Mexico.

You Don’t Need Insurance to Get Treated in Tijuana

Contrary to what a lot of people think, your health insurance premiums are not nullified under dental tourism. In fact, some large-scale health insurance companies list reputed Mexican clinics like Advanced Smiles Dentistry as their partners. If you happen to have such coverage, then that’s a benefit of being a dental tourist to Tijuana.

However, the beautiful thing is that you don’t even need insurance to get treated in Tijuana. This is why dental tourism benefits both insured and uninsured patients, and this is how a clinic like Advanced Smiles Dentistry can run a business catering to North American clients.

In the U.S. a great number of people have no medical coverage, and those that do, 1/3rd are without dental coverage. And even if a person has dental insurance, it can get complicated to implement. Hence, for the average American, Tijuana dental tourism is a welcome opportunity.

Any dental procedure, from root canals to cosmetic dentistry, is also cheap that you can pay them out of pocket. And even with the cost of travel included, you are still saving money in comparison to American clinics.


Low-Cost Doesn’t Equal Low Quality

If Mexican dentists, especially those in Tijuana offer the same level of services and patient care as American dentists, then how come they are able to charge so less?

This is a question that baffles many, and for good reason. Conventional wisdom suggests that if you are being charged suspiciously low rates for something, the service provider is cutting corners. But this is simply not true in the case of Tijuana dental clinics like DAS Dental Group.

Mexican dentists have both low costs of entry into the industry and low operating costs as compared to their American colleagues. Low investment capital serves as an incentive for dental services like DAS Dental Group to offer low prices to their patients for quality dental treatments.

The sheer volume of dental tourists pouring into Mexico every year just for dental procedures is so high that these clinics stay profitable, even when they charge so little as compared to the U.S. Moreover, competition between clinics also tends to keep prices low.

The Bottom Line

Thousands of dental tourists have already experienced the wealth of benefits that Tijuana dentists have to offer, and you should also go ahead and give them a try.

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