Clinics in Poland for the All-on-4® treatment Concept and All-on-6


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Eastern Europe is spearheading the continent when it comes to low-cost yet high-standard dental treatments. If you are looking for dental implants, check out these top dental clinics in Poland for the All-on-4® treatment concept by Nobel Biocare, as well as All-on-6.

Considered as one of the top countries in the world offering excellent yet low-cost dental services and treatment, Poland continues to attract a lot of dental patients internationally.

Its dental tourism industry continues to grow as its clinics constantly evolve and provides up-to-date techniques in dentistry.

Full Arch Restoration Treatment in Poland

The All-on-4® treatment concept and all-on-6 are appropriate approaches for patients who cannot get dental implants because of bone loss. The technique used in this is done to support all teeth found either in the lower or upper arch. This is to rehabilitate a patient’s teeth that have broken down or been compromised, usually due to periodontal disease.

These methods also support fixated prosthesis which is placed immediately and any extractions can be carried out at the same time. 

Recommended Clinics in Poland

At Dental Departures we collect information from some of the best clinics in Poland and present all of the essential data about them to potential clients like you. Moreover, we ensure that these clinics and their doctors are all certified to provide quality oral care. It is part of our service to assist you in acquiring valuable information about them.

Aside from its exceptional standard for quality service, these clinics offer their wide range of dental procedures at an inexpensive rate.

Among the top-recommended clinics are:

  • Dental Art offers patients the highest quality treatments through the combination of their advanced technology and the knowledge and experience of their team of experts.
  • Dentus II, established in 1958, does all their dental procedures through the guidance of their fundamental mission of providing high-quality dentistry at affordable prices.

All these clinics provide an extensive range of dental services and treatments such as:

  • Implantology
  • Orthodontics
  • Prosthodontics

The quality of treatments is at par with international standards but the price is only a fraction of those back home. Take a look at the chart below that we have compiled:






All-on-4® Treatment Concept


€ 23,130.00

£ 19,382.00


$ 4,257.00

€ 3,624.00

£ 3,302.00









€ 25,000.00

£ 24,000.00


$ 5,057.00

€ 4,305.00

£ 3,922.00







What's Next?

Without a doubt, these top dental clinics in Poland for the All-on-4® treatment concept and All on 6 can provide safe and complete dental care to their patients. Poland’s dental tourism industry is growing fast and is creating a competitive environment for their dental clinics. Thus, patients are assured that these clinics have to keep to international standards and stay abreast of the latest dental technologies.

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