Why it pays to get your dental crowns abroad in Indonesia


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  • The quality of care in Indonesia is the same as back home. For example, treatments like dental crowns offered in your local dental clinic are also available in Indonesia. Crowns are used to restore broken teeth, protect weak teeth, hold a bridge, or cover dental implants. Dentists in Indonesia use materials such as full porcelain, full ceramic, porcelain fused to metal, and zirconia in creating crowns. The same materials are used at home. 

  • Price of dental crowns in Indonesia is affordable compared to countries like Australia and New Zealand. The affordability of dental services is due to the low cost of operational expenses and not because of poor quality. It’s important to know that the price varies depending on the number of teeth that needs treatment, the type of material you choose, and other factors. Here’s the estimated price of crowns.

Crowns Cost: Indonesia and other countries







Price in Indonesia

AUD $509

NZD $546

USD $384

CAD $518

GBP 300

Other countries

AUD $1,615

NZD $1,732

USD $1,218

CAD $1,644

GBP 951

  • Dentists in Indonesia have the same qualifications like at home. They specialize in Periodontal Surgery (gum treatment), Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, and other fields. The dentists completed their studies not only in Indonesia, but also in the US. They are affiliated with organizations like the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. The dentists are skilled in restoring patients’ teeth with crowns and other dental work. If you need a solution for your broken teeth, consult a dentist in Indonesia and discuss your concerns. They can prepare a treatment plan based on your needs. A complete examination will be taken before recommending the best treatment for you.

  • Clinics in Indonesia use the latest dental technology. The dental facilities in Indonesia are equipped with cutting-edge technology such as 3D CT scan and digital x-rays. Some built their own dental laboratories that produce crowns in just one day. They also comply with strict sterilization process to give the best care.

  • A wonderful holiday awaits tourists in Indonesia. The country invites tourists to experience its natural wonders, cultural attractions, and exciting activities. Enjoy the lovely beaches of Bali, try various water-sports activities, and taste local dishes.

Restore your smile with cheap crowns in Indonesia’s dental clinics . A trip to Indonesia is worth your time because you’ll get affordable dental care from skilled specialists. Browse our quality-checked clinics and find a dentist in Indonesia that offers crowns. Contact our Customer Service team to book an appointment.

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