Zygomatic implants: Visit Costa Rica for this procedure


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If you are looking for somewhere cost-effective for these kinds of treatment, Costa Rica is the place to be. Zygomatic implants cost in Costa Rica is very affordable, but here are three reasons why you should make the nation your first port of call for dental treatments.

#1 – Thriving Dental Tourism Scene

Although many people will wax lyrical about the Zygomatic implants cost in Costa Rica and other savings that can be made, it’s Costa Rica’s reputation as a thriving dental tourism destination that is now making the most news. With prices that are dramatically cheaper than in the USA, Canada and Europe, Costa Rica is now one of the most competitive dental tourism markets in the world and the perfect place for a holiday.

Over the course of the past 5-years, Costa Rica has become a main player on the dental scene with the most popular destination in the country being in the capital city of San Jose. With all-year-round temperate climates, a dental tourism vacation is a very enjoyable experience.

#2 – Why Zygomatic Implants Differ from Standard Implants

The main difference between Zygomatic implants and standard forms of implant are largely down to where the implants are attached. Standard implants are drilled into the jaw. However, some people have little to no jaw-bone remaining, which is where zygomatic implants are different. Zygomatic implants are longer in size and are attached to the cheek bone (zygomatic bone), which is a very solid and reliable solutions for those with minimal jaw-bone.


#3 – Top-Notch Dental Clinics

Did you know that Costa Rica is home to a vast selection of top-notch dental clinics that offer world-class treatments while at the same time offering cheap Zygomatic implants cost in Costa Rica? In the capital city of San Jose, there are hordes of reputable and reliable clinics that have surgeons that are trained to the highest levels that were constructed to deal with international patients from across the West.

If you are looking to find reputable clinics that rank high on a Zygomatic implants review, Costa Rica might have more options that you ever thought. Dental Departures is an online hub for dental tourism that has researched everything there is to know about clinics in Costa Rica to bring you the most highly recommended treatment centers in the eyes of former patients. Here is a list of those clinics:

Costa Rica All on Four

Prisma Dental

Clinica Mario Garita the Dental Experience

#3 – Affordable Zygomatic Implants

When you are looking for a cost-effective Zygomatic implants cost in Costa Rica, the prices are pretty much unbeatable. Dental implant price alone are approximately 55% cheaper than in the USA or Europe. Here is an example of the prices for dental implants in Costa Rica: US $ 1,780 (CAN $2,263; UK £1,384; Euro €1,519; Aus $2,263; NZ $2,455), compared to the prices in the US $ 3,913 (CAN $5,027; UK £2,928; Euro €3,480; Aus $5,098; NZ $5,238).

Dental implants and other dental treatments are available in Costs Rica for bargain basement prices. We can help you to secure the most affordable Zygomatic implants cost in Costa Rica so you can get the bargain of a lifetime.

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