All on 4 in Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Guide to All on 4 in Cabo San Lucas

Last fact-checked: 1 February 2021

Restore your smile using a permanently fixed arch and four dental implants with the All-on-4® treatment concept in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

This mouth restoration technique, which entails just one session of surgery, is provided by Nobel Biocare®.

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Why Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico known for stunning beaches, scuba diving locations, and marine life.

The beautiful scenery and fine weather helps patients feel relaxed while undergoing and recovering from a complex procedure.

What Is the All-on-4® Treatment Concept?

This dental procedure replaces all of the upper or lower teeth with just four implants. The two rear implants are placed at a near-45-degree angle, which increases bone-to-implant contact, often eliminating the need for bone graft surgery.

The treatment is an option for people who lost their teeth due to gum problems, injury, or other reasons. Benefits include:

  • Restores your facial features
  • Improves quality of life
  • Saves time as the need for bone grafts may be eliminated due to the angle the implants are inserted into the jaw.
  • Extractions, insertion of the implants and the loading of an immediate denture can all be completed in one day
  • The function of the teeth eventually increases to 90%

What Does the All-on-4® Treatment Concept Involve?

The process first involves a comprehensive examination of your teeth, mouth and jaw, as well as a review of your oral and general health. This includes diagnostics like cone beam computed tomography or CBCT.

The dentist in Cabo San Lucas will explain the process, requirements, costs, some of its limitations, and other details. When patient criteria are met, the implants can be loaded with a fixed restoration but temporary on the same day of surgery. 

After the healing process (approximately six months) where the implants fuse with the bone (called osseointegration), you’ll return to your dentist to replace the temporary arch of teeth with a permanent one.

Learn more about what this treatment entails here

Why Should Consider Treatment in Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas offers a fantastic getaway for both traditional tourists and those seeking affordable dental or medical treatment. With pristine beaches and warm waters surrounded by an interesting landscape of craggy rocks and cacti, it is no wonder this particular part of the world is so naturally appealing.

The best clinics in Cabo San Lucas are equipped with modern technology and the latest techniques in dentistry. With the use of equipment like Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), the specialists can design a personalized treatment plan according to your needs and preferences. The dentists who perform the procedure are specialists in implants and dental restorations and comply with recognized international health and safety standards.

When you book with Dental Departures you are assured of receiving top-quality treatments from dentists who have been background-checked by our team. You can see details of qualifications, professional memberships, patient reviews and lots of other information on our website, helping you to make your own informed choice.

How Much Can I Save on the All-on-4® Treatment Concept in Cabo San Lucas?

The All-on-4® treatment concept in Cabo San Lucas costs around USD $9,000.00 (CAD $11,907.00; AUD $11,873.00; NZD $12,603.00; UK £7,236.00; Eur €8,805.00).

This is compared to USD $26,000; CAD $34,399; AUD $34,300.00; NZD $36,408.00; UK £20,904.00; Eur €23,357.00) in the US. 

[Note: these are estimated prices calculated at the time of writing. Please see our clinic listings for up-to-date prices.]

What's Next?

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