All on 6 in Budapest

The Ultimate Guide to All on 6 in Budapest


You can replace all your teeth for less with an All-on-6 in Budapest . Hungary’s beautiful capital city is also a highly-rated dental tourism location, and a fantastic location to get dental work while you enjoy a holiday.

What Is an All-on-6 Procedure?

All-on-6 is a new treatment approach whereby six implants are inserted into your jaw (upper, lower or both). This provides a stable base for a complete arch of permanent new teeth (crowns) to be securely attached, dispensing with the need for removable dentures and messy adhesives.

What Are the Benefits of the All-on-6?

· Extractions, implants and prosthetic teeth are all placed in the same procedure (as opposed to traditional implants where patients may be required to wait several months between each step).

· Even if bone is deficient in the jaw, treatment may still be possible as All-on-6 dental implants are longer than conventional ones, maximising contact with the bone.

· The cost of All-on-6 implants to replace all your teeth is far lower than replacing all your teeth with individual implants.

· Quality of life for patients improves rapidly, whether they have managed to get by without previously replacing their missing teeth, or whether replacing dentures.

What’s Involved in the Treatment Process for All-on-6s?

Often referred to as ‘Teeth in a Day,’ this procedure refers to the treatment day where teeth are extracted, implants inserted and false teeth (crowns) attached in one procedure. Before your treatment day you will undergo good deal of planning. However, there are no unpleasantries involved—you just need to present yourself for a consultation and your dentist will do the rest.

1: Initial Consultation

During the first appointment, your implantologist will discuss your requirements, take a thorough medical/dental history and arrange appropriate scans and tests, such as panoramic x-rays and/or 3D/CT scans. Impressions of your mouth may also be taken so that your new teeth can be made-to-measure.

Your specialist will then make an assessment as to whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, and then draw up a treatment plan, which may be discussed with you at this appointment. Once all the options have been assessed, and you and your dentist are both happy, then you will be given a date for your treatment.

2: Treatment Day

The procedure will take several hours, and you will be given a local anaesthetic, or conscious sedation. Your dentist will first remove any remaining teeth, then begin the process of inserting the dental implants into your jaw. Once the implants are in place, the permanent teeth (crowns) are created and attached. If you have had extractions, the teeth will be temporary teeth which are lighter than the permanent teeth, thereby allowing your gums to heal. At no point will you be left without teeth.

You may be required to return for your permanent teeth several months down the line, after your gums have healed. The appointment typically lasts a couple of hours, and your new teeth will be screwed or cemented in place.

Why Should I get my All-on-6 Treatment in Budapest?

Good quality:

Dentists in Hungary offer high-quality services—attracting thousands of international patients every year. Hungary is a land-locked country and nationals from neighbouring countries have been visiting for dental and medical care for centuries. In fact, it could be said that Hungary was one of the world’s first medical tourism centres, with ancient Greeks and Romans seeking out the healing waters of Hungary’s thermal baths.

Thus, clinics are geared up to receive international patients and are often modern and high-tech with state-of-the-art facilities, such as CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture) for same day prosthetics, digital x-rays and 3D/CT scanning.

Reliable clinics:

Take a look at some of our popular clinics in Budapest where you can get an all-on-6 procedure:

Great Prices:

The prices are unbelievably low compared to home, with most people able to make savings of over 70%.

What Are the All-on-6 Costs in Budapest?

Compare the cost of an All-on-6 in Budapest to treatment at home, and you will see thousands of dollars in potential savings:


UK £


US $



NZ $

All-on-6 costs – at home







All-on-6 costs – Budapest









Is All-on-6 Procedure Painful? Will I Able to Enjoy a Holiday?

You won’t experience much discomfort during the procedure due to the anaesthetics given to you. Afterward, you may see mild swelling and bruising, but you can take painkillers if you are feeling uncomfortable in any way. Most people feel fine after a couple of days and experience no significant issues. If you’re planning a holiday, you may wish to take time off prior to treatment, with a couple days on the back end reserved for rest and recovery.

How Can I Find A Good Quality All-on-6 Clinic in Budapest?

Having any kind of surgery is a daunting prospect, let alone going abroad for it. This is where Dental Departures’ years of experience can really help. The clinics we partner with have all been background-checked to ensure they provide reliable services. We verify dentist qualifications and professional memberships (such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists ). Our listings include patient reviews, prices, maps and other useful information to allow you to find dentists, compare and make your own informed choice.

Outside of My Dental Care, What Else is There in Budapest?

Budapest is an historic city with evidence of settlements dating back to the Stone Age. Originally, the towns of Buda and Pest, on either side of the Danube, were separate, but became a unified Budapest in 1872. However, both sides of the city retain their distinct characteristics. On the west, Buda is hilly with tree-lined narrow, winding streets and it is easy to stumble across little neighbourhoods as you amble around.

Pest is flat and on the east side of the river. It is the urban centre of the city with the Basilica, Synagogue, Opera, National Theatre and Central Market Hall all reasonably near each other. On both the east and west sides, you will find numerous thermal spas to take advantage of and enjoy the therapeutic hot waters, while Castle Hill and the Danube offer a wealth of sights and activities that will easily fill up your time.

Further Information 

If you’re serious about saving money on An all-on-six, Budapest should certainly be on your shortlist. View our listings to find suitable facilities, book an appointment online or ask for a free, no-obligation quote. Our Customer Care Team are always on-hand to assist you, so use the online chat or free phone number to have a to learn more about your options.