Crowns in Seminyak

The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in Seminyak

Dental crowns in Seminyak, Bali solve various dental issues such as chips and cracks. Aside from the residents on the island, visitors from around the globe can get this dental restoration at a lower price.

Seminyak is a beach town located in South Bali, Indonesia. You can roam around the area by car. If you want to avoid the traffic, you can try alternate routes and rent a motorcycle/bicycle or walk around and enjoy the scenery. This beach destination offers different activities like scuba diving, horseback riding, and bungee jumping. Try spa treatments that soothe your body. You 'll feel recharged after your trip and at the same time accomplish your dental work.

What are dental crowns?

A dental crown is a customized tooth-shaped cap placed over the tooth to improve its appearance and restore its size, shape, and strength.

The tooth-shaped cap is used to solve dental issues such as:

  • Restore broken or worn down tooth
  • Protect a weak or decayed tooth from further damage
  • Cover a uneven or discolored tooth
  • Cover and support a large filling
  • Hold a bridge or cover a dental implant

What are the types of crowns? Which one is best for me?

Crowns are made from materials like stainless steel, all resin, all metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all ceramic and zirconia or milled crown.
Stainless steel is ready-made used as a temporary crown. It is usually placed for children’s tooth because it requires minimal trips to the dentist and costs lesser than customized crown. There are various pros and cons to each material which your dentist will discuss with you fully before treatment. The decision will be yours at the end of the day.

What’s the process for preparing a tooth with a crown?

The process usually takes about 2 or more trips to the clinic. This involves examination, preparation, and placement of the tooth. As mentioned earlier, zirconia or milled crowns are processed in just one day.

How much is the cost of crowns in Seminyak, Bali?

The price of crowns depends on the type of material you choose, the technology used, and the number of teeth involved. Crowns in Bali cost is approximately USD $317 (CAD $408.00; AUD $410.00; NZD $237.00).

What can you say about the clinics in Bali?

Dental Departures checks the clinics in Bali. Quality checks include on-site visits, verification of dentist qualifications and professional memberships, and collating of online testimonials and real patient reviews.

Dentists are members of Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia and international hygiene and safety procedures, such as ISO's, are typically followed.

How do I book an appointment with the clinic offering crowns in Seminyak?

Simply contact Dental Departures. Start by browsing our website and checkout the clinic photos. Look at the dentist profiles, read patient reviews, compare prices, and avail exclusive discounts. Our customer service will help you book an appointment with the dentist offering crowns in Seminyak, Bali. Feel free to call, email, or use our online chat.