Crowns in George Town

The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in George Town

Find out about Dental Crowns in George Town, Malaysia with Dental Departures.

Dental Crowns are an effective way of restoring the damaged teeth of many patients, and if you are planning on a holiday in Malaysia then it’s worth considering attending to any dental work while you’re here - it’ll certainly save you a lot of money.

What are crowns?

A dental crown is placed over a damaged tooth to restore shape, size, and strength, as well as improve its appearance. The tooth-shaped cap is useful for a wide range of tooth problems, including the following:

· protect weak teeth
· restore broken or damaged teeth
· cover and support teeth with large fillings
· hold a dental bridge or cover an implant
· hide discoloration
· improve the appearance of teeth

What are the types of material used for crowns in George Town?

Crowns are made from various materials like stainless steel, all metal, porcelain-fused to-metal, all resin, ceramic, and Zirconia/milled crown. Your dentist will talk you through the pros and cons of each material.

What is the process involved in the getting crowns in George Town?

The process usually requires two trips to the clinic. The first visit involves examination and preparing the teeth. Your second visit is for the placement of the crowns. If your dentist has CAD/CAM facilities it may be possible to get your new crown fitted on the same day, but otherwise you will need to return once to have it fitted once your dentist receives the crown back from the lab.

How do I take care of my teeth with crowns?

Practice good oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. You also need regular checkups and professional teeth cleaning.

How much are the cost of crowns in George Town?

Crowns in George Town depend on the material used, any additional treatment, and other factors. Price is approximately USD $188.34 (CAD 241.37; AUD $245.65; NZD $258.87; UK £143.46).

What can you say about the quality of dental crowns in George Town?

Clinics in George Town are checked by Dental Departures. Our quality checks include on site visits, verification of dentist qualifications and professional memberships, and gathering of online testimonials and real patient reviews.

The clinics are equipped with modern technologies and adhere to recognisable hygiene and safety standards, such as guidelines like the International Standards Organization. Dental professionals are highly skilled and well-qualified, many having done some training overseas in Australia, the UK or the US, so you shouldn’t fear that they have inferior skills to your dentist at home.

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