Dental Implants in Kata Beach

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants in Kata Beach

Replace missing teeth with dental implants in Kata Beach and get your smile back for prices up to 75% less than at home.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants look and feel just like your own teeth and are surgically fixed to your jawbone. Essentially, it is an artificial tooth root which a false tooth (crown) attached. After your implant is inserted it will begin to fuse with your bone, providing a stable anchor on which to attach a non-removable false tooth (or even a set of removable dentures if you have several implants).

Implants can last a lifetime if you look after them properly. Like your own teeth, they can still be damaged by gum disease and damage caused by trauma, so you will have to maintain a good oral hygiene. They don’t really require any additional special care – just regular brushing, flossing and check-ups with your dentist..

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

If you have been used to dentures, dental implants will feel a whole lot better. You will be able to chew, smile and talk with confidence, knowing that your teeth are secure. They are also comfortable, unlike some dentures which may slip or feel heavy to wear.

If you have missing teeth, implants are the best replacement, mimicking your own teeth perfectly, but without sensitivity to hot or cold like your own teeth.

They also help to prevent gum recession and bone loss, which could lead to further tooth loss if you have already lost any this way.

Dental implants are the long-term perfect solution for replacing missing teeth, but they are one of the most expensive procedures to have done, which prevents a lot of people from benefiting from them.

However, at our Kata Beach dentists, dental implants are substantially less – and you get the benefit of a fantastic holiday while you have your treatment.

What is involved in the procedure for dental implants?

You will need a thorough assessment of your teeth and gums by your Thai dentist before any implant procedure can begin. Digital x-rays or CT scans will be able to confirm the presence of any underlying bone loss as this will need to be treated if your implant procedure is going to be successful.

If this is the case you will need to have a bone graft, which is a relatively common and successful procedure in dentistry. This will obviously mean an additional procedure, and you will have to factor in the cost of another trip. It is usually at least 6 months after the bone graft before the implant procedure can take place.

The implant procedure itself is straightforward. A cut is made in the gum and a small hole drilled in the jaw bone. The implant is placed and the gum stitched over and left to heal. You will not see any visible sign of the implant and you will be given a healing denture to wear while the process of osseointegration (the bone and implant fusing) takes place.

After a number of months you will go back to your dentist to have the crown attached.

Is the procedure painful?

Most implants are placed under a local anesthetic, but sedation can be used if you are at all worried, and if you are having a bone graft may be preferred. The procedure isn’t painful, and the discomfort you may feel afterwards is equivalent to a tooth extraction. You may have some swelling to your face.

How long does the procedure take in Kata Beach?

You will usually need 2 trips – the first for 5 days, and the second for 7, but you will need 3 trips for a bone graft. After the placement of the implant, most people have no problem resuming normal activities on the same day.

Why have Dental Implants in Kata Beach?

• Thailand is a well-established destination and center of excellence for dental care
• Fully trained and registered dentists, often educated overseas in the US, UK, and Australia
• State-of-the-art clinics, modern technology and high-quality materials
• Excellent facilities and infrastructure for your dental care
Prices around 60% less than the cost at home.

What is the cost of dental implants in Kata Beach?

A titanium dental implant, abutment and standard crown is on average around AUD $3,800 in Australia, but in Kata Beach is AUD $1,480.

For patients who are having multiple dental implants they savings are substantial.

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