Dentures in Cartagena de Indias

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Cartagena de Indias

Last fact-checked: 21 February 2020

Pick up your new dentures in Cartagena des Indias while vacationing in Columbia and save around 70% compared to home. With Dental Departures, you can easily find a good-quality dentist that offers trustworthy services—and we guarantee our prices won’t be bested anywhere else.

Why Choose Cartagena?

Cartagena is located on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast. It is a stunningly attractive historic city that feels like you are  wandering about in an open-air museum . With Cartagena’s UNESCO Heritage status highlighting the finest examples of military architecture of the 16 th, 17th and 18th centuries, plus its brightly colored colonial buildings and cobblestone streets, the Old Walled City is a complete antidote to the modern skyscrapers that are a feature of most modern, 21st century cities. That’s not to say that Cartagena doesn’t have them, because you’ll find that over in the newer Bocagrande Area, which also offers plenty of entertainment, such as night clubs and shopping.

Other highlights in Cartagena include Getsemani, one of Cartagena’s hippest neighborhoods where the walls are covered in street art, while eating, drinking and dancing all take place nightly at Trinidad Square and the Parque del Centenario, just outside the walled city, where you can catch sloths at dusk stirring from their sleep, as well as monkeys and iguanas.

For trips outside the city, the El Totumo Mud Volcano is said to have excellent healing properties. You can bathe in the dense mud, and even get a massage, before washing it off in the nearby sea. Catch a speedboat to one of the nearby Caribbean islands if you want picture-perfect white, palm-fringed beaches and turquoise waters.

If you are planning a holiday here, there’s certainly plenty to keep you occupied while you are waiting for your new dentures.

What Is the Process for Dentures in Cartagena? How Long Will it Take?

The process typically takes five days to a week before you receive your new dentures. This goes for patients who are completely new to dentures, as well as those who are replacing old ones. If you haven’t had dentures before, you may be a little confused by the terminology and wondering what type of denture you will need. Here’s a summary:

Full dentures are required if you have no teeth in your jaw; partial dentures are what you need if you still have some of your own teeth and, finally, “healing” or “immediate dentures” are lighter, temporary dentures that allow your mouth to heal just after you’ve had extractions.

It’s worth bearing in mind that unless you are planning another trip to Cartagena, you should have any teeth extracted at home, at least three months before you travel so that you can get your permanent dentures when you are in Cartagena.

During the first appointment, the dentist performs a thorough examination and consultation, taking x-rays and/or scans. Impressions of your mouth are taken and sent to the laboratory where your dentures are manufactured. After two or three days, your dentist will receive them and you can return to have them fitted. The dentist will make any minor adjustments so the fit is comfortable and secure, and you may have another optional appointment after that just to check everything is okay.

How Much Do Dentures Cost in Cartagena Compared to the United States and Canada?

See savings of 60% or more on your dentures price in Cartagena:


US $


UK £



Full Dentures Prices at home






Full Dentures Prices in Cartagena






How Can I Be Certain of Finding a Good Dentist in Cartagena? 

It’s perfectly reasonable to have some trepidation about getting dental care abroad—many of us feel nervous even when we’re seeing a dentist at home. But nowadays it isn’t such a lottery as you might think. In fact, there is any number of first-class dental facilities across Colombia that will deliver services just as good as what you would receive at home. The key difference? The prices, naturally.

Globalization means that the same big-name manufacturers deliver their materials and technologies around the world. As a result, at a quality dentist, you’ll find very little difference in the care you receive in Cartagena. Dentist training is good, the dentists speak English and the clinics are contemporary and modern with the same modern technologies like digital x-rays, 3D/CT scanning and CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) available.

To be certain of receiving a high standard of care, you do need to do your research, and this is where Dental Departures comes in to help. All the dental providers listed on our site have been background checked, which includes verifications of dentist qualifications and their professional memberships. We do onsite visits and we collect patient reviews, which are published on our website. Each listing also contains clinic photos, location maps, prices and more.

Dental clinics in Cartagena we recommend for dentures include:

Centro de Implantes de la Costa by Julio Oliver

Sonrisa Perfecta Dental


Booking Your Dentures in Cartagena

If you have any questions about dentures in Cartagena, speak to Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team, who can also arrange your appointment or provide a free quote. Or you can use our convenient online booking service to schedule your fully cancellable appointment today, at no charge to you.


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