Dentures in Penang

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Penang

Get new or replacement dentures in Penang and save a fortune. If you’re holidaying in Malaysia then why not treat yourself, especially if your old dentures are ill-fitting.

This beautiful part of the world offers a wealth of attractions, from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town, Penang’s capital; to stunning coastlines and all the things you want to enjoy on holiday, such as great restaurants, shopping, hotels and sight-seeing.

Which type of denture is best for me?

If you need a denture, you have two options: immediate or conventional. Immediate dentures are processed after teeth extraction whereas a conventional denture is placed in the mouth after about 8 to 12 weeks after extraction. These are the permanent dentures, whereas immediate dentures are temporary. They are lighter than conventional dentures to allow the gums to heal properly. However, some people do wear them for years.

What is the process involved in making a denture?

Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums and determine which type of denture is appropriate for you. He’ll create a series of impressions, check your bite, and observe the movement of your jaw. He will also create models, wax forms, and patterns and check the exact shape and position of the dentures. The final model of your denture will be sent to laboratory for processing. Once the dentures are ready, the dentist will make the necessary adjustments so you can wear the new replacement teeth.

Take care of your dentures like your natural teeth. Continue with your usual oral routine by cleaning them regularly.

You need to adjust with your new denture while you talk and eat. To use to your “new teeth,” you need to start with soft diet by cutting or slicing the food in small pieces.

How much is the cost of dentures in Penang?

The price of dentures depends on the type of material you choose. Dentures in Penang, cost around AUD $415 (USD $302; UK £209; € 285) compared to in Australia $2,400 (USD $1,800; UK £1,390; €1,600)

What about the quality of dental care in Penang?

Generally it’s excellent. Clinics are  modern and conform to international hygiene standards; dentists well-qualified and trained and staff are English-speaking. When you book with Dental Departures you can expect reliable services because we have pre-checked all our listings, confirming qualifications, verifying memberships and collecting real patient reviews. You can see the information on our website, plus prices, clinic photos and much more.

How do I book?

Book online, call toll-free or sent an email to book your dental appointment. If you’ve any questions relating going to Penang for dentures don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team who will be more than pleased to help.

(Image by: Gregg Cure' from Tucson, Arizona, Middle Earth)