Dentures in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Cancun

Get good-fitting, high-quality dentures in Cancun at guaranteed low prices with Dental Departures. Our quality-checked dentists will save you around 65% on the prices at home - while you relax on holiday. Book your appointment with us and see how much you can save.

At just a few hour's flight from the United States, Cancun is the ultimate destination for getting away from it all and recharging your batteries. There is no better place to idle away a few days in between dental appointments, or while waiting for new dentures.

With miles of white, sandy beaches and the inviting warm waters of the Caribbean sea to splash about in this luxurious resort has plenty of other pursuits catering for all tastes. Boutique hotels, international restaurants, great shopping and artifacts of the Mayan culture to explore means you will never be stuck for something to do.

Hospitable, friendly, and used to serving an international clientele, Cancun’s dentists will provide you with excellent service and high-quality treatment and materials, ensuring natural-looking, perfectly-fitting dentures.

Why have Dentures in Cancun? 

Losing teeth not only affects your confidence but changes the whole structure of your face as gaps in your dentition may lead to other teeth drifting into empty spaces. It is important to fill any gaps caused by missing teeth, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also to prevent further problems caused by your remaining teeth moving.

Cancun’s dentists and labs can provide you with a cost-effective means of replacing missing teeth with a denture, whether that is a partial denture for a few missing teeth or a complete denture (conventional denture) to replace all of your top and/or bottom teeth.

The cost is considerably less here than at home, but that isn’t because the materials used are of inferior quality – it is because the cost-of-living is less and, therefore, overheads are reduced, allowing the savings to be passed on to you.

Dental Departures works with high-quality dentists throughout the world, and we have visited and checked our Cancun dentists to ensure that their qualifications and experience is top-notch. Our extensive background checks provides assurances you can rely on as to our dentists’ reliability and suitability, backed up with warranties on both our dentists’ procedures, as well as the materials they have used.

Why not enjoy some downtime in a stunning part of the world while waiting for your new dentures? From Cancun, you can explore the surrounding Riviera Maya and impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula. 

How Long Do Dentures Take in Cancun?

If you are having replacement dentures they can be made and fitted in a couple of days. However, if you are having new dentures after recent surgery or a tooth extraction you want to hold off booking your dentures appointment until your gums have healed. After extractions or surgery, non-permanent or ‘healing dentures’ are fitted. They are lighter than permanent dentures and allow the gums to heal. They should be worn for only a few months, but many patients wear them for years.

Dentures with Porcelain vs Acrylic Teeth

Porcelain dentures are the best quality and have a much more natural appearance than acrylic dentures. They are heavier than acrylics, and may be uncomfortable for some people to wear, plus their weight may wear down the gum and bone. They are very hard-wearing and much longer-lasting than acrylic dentures.

What is the Cost Comparison of Dentures in Cancun to the US and Canada?

In the United States, a complete acrylic denture will set you back around $1,800, whereas in Cancun it will cost around $580; partial dentures are around $1,200 in the US, compared to $400 in Cancun.

Denture wearers visiting Cancun will be provided with high-quality materials at an affordable price.

How Do I book my Appointment for dentures in Cancun?

Book with Dental Departures online, by phone or by e-mail. We also have an online chat facility if you have any questions about dentures in Cancun. Find your dentist with us. Check-out reviews, view maps, compare prices and book your appointment with confidence and our guaranteed best prices.

(Image by: Jeremy T Hetzel)