Dentures in Cozumel

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Cozumel

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Find a dentist with Dental Departures for your dentures in Cozumel. Book your appointment with us and save up to 80% on the prices at home - more than enough to enjoy a great holiday while you wait for your new dentures to be ready.

Finding a well-fitting, high-quality denture restores your appearance, makes you feel better about yourself and allows you to eat the foods you love. Traveling to Cozumel will enable you to afford a higher quality denture which should last you for many years.

As the population is aging so too are the number of adults requiring full or partial dentures as our bodies have to fight gum disease and tooth decay – quite simply for longer than they have ever had to before. As a considerable number of the over-55 population wear a denture it is not a development that is uncommon.

Whether you currently wear a denture or are looking at the possibility of wearing a denture, consider the idea of coming to Cozumel where you will save hundreds, if not thousands on the cost of your new dentures.

Why have Dentures in Cozumel?

While savings of up to 80% are not to be dismissed the dentures you receive in Cozumel will in no way be inferior to any dentures you would receive at home. Dental laboratories use advanced materials nowadays, which means dentures are not only more natural-looking than ever but are much more comfortable for patients to wear.

For patients wondering if the laboratories here have the same brands and materials available to them as their colleagues in North America, yes they do. The reason that it is less expensive in Cozumel is not that they use inferior materials but because overheads, such as rent and wages and the cost of living are significantly less here.

Not only will you find that you will be able to afford much higher quality dentures in Cozumel than you would at home, but that both the work your dentist carries out as well as the actual dentures themselves, are covered under warranty – something that all our dentists offer as standard, which you don’t usually find at home.

How long do dentures take in Cozumel?

After surgery or extractions, you will have to have temporary ‘healing’ dentures fitted, which are lighter than permanent dentures and allow your gums to heal. These should be worn for a few months, after which you can return to your dentist to have impressions of your mouth made for your permanent dentures. These are sent to the lab where dentures will be created, and you then return to your dentist to have them fitted. The whole process should take a few days and can be carried out in one visit if you haven’t had extractions or surgery.

Dentures can be made from a variety of materials, all with various pros and cons which your dentist will discuss with you.

For example, porcelain has always been the most natural-looking material when compared to acrylic. However, they don’t necessarily suit all patients because they are considerably heavier than acrylic and can be uncomfortable to wear, as well as placing more stress on bones and gums.

What is the cost comparison of dentures in Cozumel to the US and Canada?

The overall cost will depend on whether you have a full or partial denture and on what materials are used. In the US a full acrylic denture can be upwards of $1,800. In Cozumel, they can be as little as $300.

You can see that there is a terrific difference in the price, allowing you to upgrade your denture to the highest-quality materials, and have a holiday in a tropical paradise with the savings you can make.

How do I book my appointment for dentures in Cozumel?

You can book your appointment in a number of ways. Use our freephone number, our online chat, send us an e-mail or book online. With Dental Departures, you can find your dentist on our website, check out their credentials, view clinic photos, read patient reviews and compare prices. We guarantee the lowest price available for your dentures in Cozumel so contact us and see how much you can save.