Dentures in Agua Prieta

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Agua Prieta

Discover how to get high-quality dentures in Agua Prieta for around 70% of the price you pay at home. Book an appointment with Dental Departures and find out how.

Agua Prieta’s great shopping, restaurants and friendly people has been attracting day-trippers, vacationers and snowbirds from the US and Canada for years. Retirees are also drawn here by the warm weather and inexpensive prices on everyday goods, but also to save on their dental costs. For anyone needing dentures a trip to Agua Prieta will save you a fortune.

Located among the magnificent Sonoran desert landscapes, Agua Prieta is conveniently placed just over the Arizona border with Douglas to enjoy some scenic drives. Dramatic panoramas provide the perfect backdrop to towns steeped in the history of old mining communities and Native Americans.

Agua Prieta itself has been welcoming visitors for well over a century – and people still flock here to buy leather goods such as high-quality saddles and boots from its master craftsmen, as well as jewelery, rugs and pottery.

Why have Dentures in Agua Prieta?

For US and Canadian visitors it is certainly easy to travel to. Driving is the most popular way of traveling here as it is the best way to see the scenery. The nearest airport is Tucson and it is a couple of hours drive from there – again through some glorious countryside. For patients traveling here for dentures there are plenty of things to see and do in and around the area while you are waiting for your dentures to be ready.

Whether you are having a full denture or a partial denture in Agua Prieta they will be so much more affordable, but without any compromise on the quality. Because your dentist in Mexico is so reasonably-priced compared to your dentist at home, the chances are you will be able to upgrade to a higher-quality material than what you could afford at home.

We have background checked our clinics and dentists so you are assured of a quality-checked dentist if you book with us. We check hygiene and safety standards, as well as our dentists’ qualifications so you know you will be getting an experienced dentist, just like home. In fact, you will find we have dentists in Agua Prieta who are members of the same professional organizations as their American counterparts, such as the American Prosthodontics Society, which means your dentures will be in safe hands.

How long do Dentures take in Agua Prieta?

Your dentures can be made in just a few days, but you may have to wait for your gums to heal before the process can begin if you have recently had extractions or surgery.

Having dentures fitted after extractions:

‘Healing dentures’, which are non-permanent are fitted immediately after surgery or extractions. They are much lighter than permanent dentures and give the gums a chance to heal.

Dentures with Porcelain Teeth vs Dentures with Acrylic Teeth

There are pros and cons for each material which your dentist will discuss with you, but the final choice will be your personal choice.

Acrylic dentures are lighter and, therefore, more comfortable to wear. However, they do not last as long as porcelain. Porcelain have a much more natural appearance than acrylic, but because they are heavier may place more stress on your gums and bones.

What is the cost comparison of Dentures in Agua Prieta to the US and Canada?

In the United States a full acrylic denture will cost approximately $1,800, whereas in Agua Prieta it is around $450.

For incredible savings on dentures and to regain your smile Agua Prieta is convenient and affordable.

How do I book?

It's easy - just book your appointment online. Search our dentists, compare prices, read reviews, check-out clinic photos and discover our exclusive discounts. We guarantee your dentures in Agua Prieta are made from the same good-quality materials you get at home, but for the lowest prices available. 

(Image by: John Morgan)