Dentures in Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Chiang Mai

Is your smile lacking confidence because of ill-fitting dentures? Good-quality Chiang Mai dentures cost up to 80% less than at home - saving you more than enough to enjoy a holiday here while you get your new dentures.

The peace, the traditions and the people of Chiang Mai will provide you with a welcoming place to relax. There is much to see and do in and around Chiang Mai from laid-back activities such as visiting the many temples in the area to high-adrenaline past-times such as white water rafting. Of course there are all the modern facilities and conveniences you would expect to find to enjoy your holiday to the fullest including outstanding cuisine, interesting craft shopping and exploring the city and surrounding countryside.

Why have Dentures in Chiang Mai?

Dentures are more affordable in Chiang Mai but there is no concession on the materials used, or on the quality of the dental care you will receive. Whether you need full dentures or partial dentures our Chiang Mai dentists will provide you with the utmost care ensuring you leave with a smile you can be proud of.

Not only are you assured of receiving both high-quality care and materials, but with the Dental Departures price-match guarantee you know you will not be paying any more than you have to.

Moreover, all our dentists work and the lab work is guaranteed, which is a benefit of traveling overseas that patients do not usually receive from their dentists at home.

How long do Dentures in Chiang Mai?

The whole process is usually completed in a few days, if you haven’t had recent extractions or surgery. If you have then you will need to allow time for the gums to heal before you have any permanent dentures. During this time you will be given a temporary ‘healing’ denture to wear. This will be for 3-6 months before you can fix an appointment with your dentist for your permanent dentures.

At  your first appointment for your dentures impressions will be taken of your teeth and sent to the lab where your dentures are going to be made. Your dentist will receive them back and you will return for your second appointment for them to be fitted. If you and your dentist are happy with the look and fit of your dentures you may return home – or continue to enjoy your holiday!

What is the cost of Dentures in Chiang Mai compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The cost will depend on a number of factors, including whether you are having partial or complete dentures and from the material used. There are a number of different materials you can choose for your dentures, from acrylic, porcelain and zirconia. Your dentist will discuss with you the merits of each particular material so that you can decide which is the best option for your circumstances.

As an approximate guide an acrylic partial denture in Australia averages around AUD $1,164 but in Chiang Mai will cost you AUD $65.

With savings of at least AUD $1,000 on the least expensive denture option it is not unheard of to save thousands on dentures made from the more expensive materials. Contact us to get a free quote and the chance to smile with renewed confidence.

How do I book an appointment?

Call our free-phone number or book an appointment online - the choice is yours. We are available to talk to you at any time about getting your dentures in Chiang Mai so drop us an e-mail or catch us on our online chat. Its easy - find your dentist, read the reviews and discover exclusive discounts - all available online with Dental Departures.

(Image by: Mark Fischer)