Dentures in Patong

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Patong

Fed-up with ill-fitting dentures? Or maybe you’re looking for your first set of dentures? Save up to 80% with Dental Departures and get your new, high-quality dentures in Patong Beach.

The Benefits of dentures

There are more advantages to having dentures, compared to leaving teeth missing:

• Dentures can help keep you looking younger. Not only is having missing teeth ageing, but without the support of your teeth, your facial muscles will begin to sag.

• People often take eating and speaking for granted – until they begin to lose their natural teeth.

• You will be able to smile confidently.

• They will help your self-esteem.

Why have dentures in Patong Beach?

Our dentists in Patong Beach work hard to provide you with excellent dental care, in as quick a time as possible, using high-quality materials.

Dentistry throughout Thailand is generally of a very good standard. Dentists are well-trained and there is a healthy competition between clinics, meaning standards are always improving, and costs kept low – good news for patients.

Your dentist in Patong Beach will fully discuss with you all the options regarding the different materials that can be used. For example, porcelain looks very natural, but is rather heavy compared with acrylic, which in turn can get damaged easily. Whatever you decide, the materials that are used are just as good as any materials you get at home – so your new dentures will be not be inferior in any way.

Finding a good, reliable dentist is difficult. Our website makes the process easy to find a quality-checked dentist for an affordable price. You can check out our website for information about our dentists and clinics in order to make your own informed choice as to who is suitable for you.

Prices are much lower here at Patong Beach – around 20% of the cost at home, making the trip here well worth it to combine a holiday and getting your new dentures.

Getting your dental care while on holiday abroad makes a lot of sense. You get to enjoy a holiday and see some more of the world, while keeping your oral health in optimum condition, for far less than what you would pay at home. What’s not to like?

How long do dentures take in Patong Beach?

Simply replacing your dentures with a new set in Patong Beach takes less than 5 days. Following surgery, or extractions, you will need to wait around 3 months for the gums to heal before your permanent dentures and be fitted. You will be given a healing denture to wear immediately after an extraction or surgery which is lighter than a permanent denture. You will wear this for around 3 months, although it won’t cause you any problems if you wear it for longer.

What is the cost of dentures in Patong Beach?

The cost will vary, depending on what material is used, but for a full acrylic denture in Australia, the cost can be around AUD $1,800, whereas in Patong Beach you can get the same for less than AUD $300.

Can I book an appointment online?

Yes - You can book online for your dentures in Patong Beach, or send us an e-mail or phone our toll free number. Search our site to find your dentist, compare prices, check-out reviews, view clinic photos and take virtual tours. At Dental Departures we make it easy to find a reliable, quality-checked dentist and for the lowest prices available with our best price guarantee. Get your free no obligation quote and see how low our prices are.



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